Way Out

There is no way out
It's a sacrifice you have to make
Faith is not allowed
It's the penalty you have to pay

Down inside my darkest dreams
I can hear my dying screams
Well of course they cannot see me
They can't see the girl who wants to speak

Travel in my blackest sins
Seek to find my whispered winds
Unlikely they can comprehend
When they're all lost inside their heads

Blame it seems their game
Shame is what they play


Hidden in the tapestry
A drop of blood remains unseen
But the blood shows no importance
To the people who can't understand

That this blood remains your way out
It's the only way that you have found
But the people show no despair
The stain's removed; they show no care

Blame it seems their game
Shame is what they play


What should I change?
What change to make?
To show that I am everything

No change to make
No game to play
I am already everything

Nothing to prove
I'm not the fool
I should be who I already am

Nothing to choose
Nothing to lose
I'm gonna be who I already am

There is a way out
There's no sacrifice I have to make
Freedom is allowed
There's no penalty I have to pay