You know, you'll never understand me.

I knew from the beginning that it was hopeless,

but I still tried to help you.

I cannot understand now, a year after it's supposed to be over, why and how I could be so

nice and unbreakable, only for you.

Now, when I think back on the hell you made my life, I have no problem admitting to myself

what you did, what you were, and what you'll always be.

But back then, I refused to listen to sense.

I refused to listen to the small, truthfull voice inside of me.

The part of me that was telling me, urging me to ditch you.

Ditch you before I destroyed myself.

You know, You'll never understand me.

I cannot get it out of my mind.

Cause everytime I'd looked in your eyes, I saw nothing but

superiorness and arrogance.

You'll never understand me.

And I'll never fully understand you, or why you acted to me the way you did.

There were times, in the start, and only in the start, that you showed devotion.

You actually showed that you were grateful that I was there for you.

But as time went by, and you clearly felt like you knew me completely, you


You started to act towards me the way I'd made you stop acting towards my


What had I done to deserve you talking to me like a


What had I done to make you act as if I was

inferior to you?

That's the one thing I'll never understand about you.

One day, you told me: "Eivind, you'll probably laught at this in a few years, but you live completely


in your own world".

You just walked up to me in class, and told me that.


What had I ever done to deserve that?

You killed my confidence with it completely!

Why did you have to make me suffer like that?

But still, I was strong.

I said nothing to you how I felt about it.

I managed to excuse your behaviour by thinking that you were a

poor guy who'd come to school in the eight'th year, that you had no friends, and that you

needed me.

So I kept my mouth shut, all for you.

You'll never understand me, I see that now.

Maybe that's why we could never work out.