Dead As Your World

So much anger,

So much pain.

All my mourning,

Was in vain.

No time to heal,

No time to cry,

After you left me,

Before you died.

Too many years

Of not knowing why.

And then you didn't

Say goodbye.

We were so close,

But you went away,

Though I begged

For you to stay.

In my young years

Your gentle voice,

Guided my every

Lasting Choice.

That would serve me well

Throughout my life,

So that I wouldn't

Feel your strife.

But then you left

And I didn't know why,

Why did you leave me?

Why didn't you try?

Left no time

To heal, to weep.

I had to not care

To stay on my feet.

But now all of this

And I can't believe

That you would do this,

And leave us to grieve.

But of course

I knew you then,

But you've grown,

And time, it tends,

To make you change,

So I guess I don't,

Know you now.

And now I won't,

Have the chance,

To know again,

The boy that I

Knew back then.

Because now you're gone,

By your own hand,

Because you couldn't

Seem to stand.

The world around you,

So cruel and dead,

Just as you,

As the night descends.