Inspired to Dan (not you, Dice), the word "duplicity" (which really does rhyme with Felicite), and Spirit Week at school.

The Duplicity of Felicity

"Felicity rhymes with duplicity,
doesn't it?" he asked.

I could only nod and wonder
where that had come from,
out of the twisted workings of
his mind, coupled with the
new vocab words.
Who knew where he was
going with my apparent
duplicity? I certainly didn't.

It later hits me just what
he was calling me. Doubled-sided,
traitorous, untrustworthy. Does
he mean it? I hope not...

but aren't I a self-proclaimed
pirate, the fear of the seas and robbers
of the waves? What is a pirate
if not a being of duplicity?

I can't let it bother me now.
But through the day, his words
ring in my ears, "Felicity, duplicity,"
until I'm examining my life
trying to figure it out.

I don't even know why I care.

Isn't this the same kid
who thinks that making up words
is quality fun and that one of them
should mean 'being put in a cage of
minimum wage'? And aren't I the
one that laughs with him and
calls out random letters to fuel this fun?

So I was thinking... I'm not
really a pirate. I'm just a...
(fake pirate)


Isn't that filled with more
duplicity than just being a true pirate?
I mean, if a pirate is, then
faking it would be worse.

Why do I care?

Shrug, who knows?
Why do we do a lot of things? I
don't think there's a good answer,
for any of it.

Felicity, duplicity...
what if I am? But my
name's not Felicity, so does
that make it void or does it
add to the duplicity of the situation?

I don't know anymore.

Am I Felicity? Sometimes I
sign papers that way... not even
thinking about it. Maybe I should just
change my name to Ashley.

You know what? It doesn't matter.
It was just ramblings that
got to my head.

Who cares? I don't...
because I am a pirate.
I am a fake pirate.

I am a firate.