They could not walk

They could not stand

Their legs had been blown away

They could not run

So they were caught.

They suffered the torture,

To keep you alive

And you did what

You did nothing.

You let them down

When you could have picked them up

And now they lie

Under the ground

That same soil

On which you all bled

Some more than others

If you know what I mean

But somehow maybe

It's them who are lucky

For them it's over

For you it's just begun

They died in a place

Where the sky was hidden

You see it out of every window

And relive every moment

Of the time you ran.

You remember their pleading faces,

Asking you not to leave them

Because they were afraid to die.

May they be resting in peace,

In a calm pool of nothingness

But not of blood,

For they have bathed too long in those.

I hope you feel guilty,

For being alive,

When they are dead.

I hope you don't kill yourself,

No no,

I do not wish the death of any,

All I wish is that you regret,

You regret and think with love,

Of those whose death you caused,

Of those who died for no noble cause:

Dying because someone is selfish is not the right way to die.