Prologue – Inhale

"How is he progressing?" A man in a white coat asked. A woman, also in a white coat, was walking aside him, her heels tapping against the cold concrete floor. She glanced at her clipboard in her arms for a second, and then back up and down the corridor they were walking along.

"Since he was first injected at 0500 hours, his skin has paled and his eyes are taking longer to dilate when exposed to a penlight. His movements have become more erratic but slower and amble, Professor Wall." The woman explained.

"Thank you, Juliet. I want you to tell me when the other experiments are ready for testing. We must be nearer to finding the cure than ever." Wall rattled. Juliet peeled away from him and tapped down another corridor. Wall continued down the corridor and stopped at a door with n handle. He grabbed his ID card and slid it down the slide, the machine reading the cards nanoscopic curves to identify him as 'Professor Oliver Wall'. A hatch opened and an object that looked like a microscope came out. He placed his eyes over the end, shifting his glasses up onto his forehead. A patch of thin paper attached to a metal wire linked out of the machine and stuck itself to his temple. Walls' retina and brain pulses were scanned, allowing him to enter the door that slid to the right. Wall walked into an observation room, three men at a large control panel and overlooking a pit, the top covered by a thick layer of mirror glass.

"Good morning. I've heard Steve here is acting a little bit differently now." Wall stated, walking into the room and up to the men at the control panel. One of them was scourging over a screen, his fingers rapping away on the keys.

"Yes sir. Blood pressure is low and his heart rate has also lowered. His brain functionality is lower than normal and at least half of his muscles seem to have stopped altogether." The one at the screen explained, not looking up. Wall nodded. One of the other two, Jenkins on the nametag, and looked at the professor.

"Sir, would you like to see what…Steve is doing?" Jenkins asked.

"Why do you think I'm here, Jenkins?" Wall asked sarcastically. Jenkins blinked rapidly a couple of times, and then turned, walking around the consol. Wall followed and the two walked out onto the pane of glass. He looked down and revealed a disturbing sight. There were bloody handprints on the walls and scuffs of it running down, like someone had bashed their hands against a wall so hard that they had started bleeding, and then dragged them down spreading the blood. On the round was a large pool of blood, footprints everywhere in and around it.

"God in heaven." Wall gasped. He was expecting to see someone who looked like they were dying, not dead. 'Steve' was slowly wandering around the room with no purpose, occasionally striking at the walls with his useless arms. His skin was a shade of green and yellow together, his hair straggly in his rotting scalp. His lips parted on the occasion, but nothing was heard.

"Have you got audio down there?" Wall asked. Jenkins nodded towards the one who wasn't typing. He also nodded and pressed a few buttons sound erupted suddenly from speakers all around the room, scraping sounds. The corresponded with Steve's movement. His lips parted and a groan filled the room, like a teenager in the morning when it didn't want to get up.

"Can he see us?" Wall asked. Jenkins shook his head.

"Nope, he can only see himself." Was the answer. However, Wall wasn't so sure. Steve had looked up and was staring right at Wall, as if through the glass and right into his eyes. He shuddered and then turned, stepping off the glass. The audio cut off as the groan increased dramatically.

"How long has he been in that state?" Wall asked.

"Three hours after he was injected. Time is now 0900 hours, so that's two hours. However, we managed to get a blood sample. Look at this, a drop which had copious amounts of cancer cells in it." Jenkins said, pointing to a microscope over in the side of the observation area. Wall moved his glasses up again and looked in.

"I only see red blood cells." He reported. "What's so great about that?"

"Sir, when we extracted that blood, there were more cancer cells than red blood cells. There are none now. The serum has worked, but it leaves a few major side effects."

"Side effects?"

"Look back into the pit." Wall nodded and decided to leave, seeing what progress they had made on a human experiment to cure cancer.

"Okay, I'm going to come back in a few hours time. We'll try another subject after with a less concentrated dose." He explained. Wall tuned and the door slid open, revealing the corridor. He left the room and headed in the direction Juliet had gone. After a couple of doors, he entered his office, papers strewn over his desk.

"God dammit." He sighed, plonking himself down in his chair, which slowly reclined backwards before moving back again. "Find the cure, discover the fucking side effects." He took his glasses off and rubbed his eyes, tiredness beginning to set in. He knew what would happen with their next experiment, the same as the last. What they needed was a subject that wasn't a junkie who shot himself with heroin everyday, who wasn't severely starved and incredibly out of shape. An idea crossed through Walls' mind, and he considered it.

"It will work, there's no way the side effects will occur on a healthy subject." Wall suddenly stood up, his glasses falling onto the bridge of his nose and he exited his office, heading towards the laboratory on the other end to the building he was in.

"Professor, I have those tes—" Juliet had been standing right outside the door when Wall had burst out, nearly knocking her over. "Professor?" He ignored her and continued to half walk, half jog away from her. He entered a lift not far away and disappeared from view. Juliet raised an eyebrow and ten went into his office, to lay the papers on his desk. As she was about to leave, she noticed a paragraph written on a lined piece of paper in the middle, on top of all the other papers, the pen still on top, the final word barely finished. She spun it around and read the hastily written writing.

There is only on option. If we are to find a cure for cancer and no have these side effects not only witnessed on human, but animal subjects as well, there is only one option. Each subject, including he animal ones, have all been under nourished and treated like diseased creatures before they were injected with the serum. The human experiment was an utter failure, even though the serum wiped out the cancer cells in the man, the side effects are too deadly. This is because he was a drug addicts we picked up from the side of the street. That is unacceptable for the serum, it needs a subject that is in perfect health, and I will willingly be that subject. It is the only way, and the worst thing that a happen is that I am sick for the next few days, nothing major. God, I am such a genius, I write down all my ideas, even what I'm thinking. This will have to be done without anyone's knowledge except my own. In our subjects the serum has taken a while to adapt to their bodies, mainly because we never used a one hundred percent concentration of the serum. If I inject it straight into me from the table line, then the effects should take hold almost instantly. At least I can get this company off its feet…

Juliet's eyes widened as they scoured the letter twice.

"Oh god." She whispered. She spun around, knowing where he was going to go. She raced out the door and ran to the lifts, one of which had already arrived. She pushed a man who was getting in out of the way, pressing the 'close door' button as she entered. She rose five levels, alone, making sure there were no stops on the way. It took Juliet fifteen minutes to reach the section the lab was in, a different colour to the experimentation level she was used to. Everything was white and shiny, as if it was permanently clean. She reached the main laboratory; ten minutes after the lab team had left. She swiped her card in the slot and the door slid open. The room was partially dark, only the night-lights still on.

"Professor Wall?" She asked quietly, stepping inside slowly. There was no answer. She walked further into the lab and the door closed behind her, she ignored it and didn't notice a quiet clicking sound also behind her.

"Professor Wall, you can't perform the test on yourself, it will kill you. I just get the results back on the blood and it shows an amazing deficiency—" She didn't get to finish. There was a crash behind her and Juliet spun around, her brown hair flying out and lashing at her face. She pushed it out of her eyes and saw a body lying on the ground, a table with equipment on the ground next to it. She moved closer and saw that the body was Wall, he was breathing hard. His skin looked pale with a tinge of yellow in it. He looked incredibly sick. She bent down and got close to him, his lips moving rapidly.

"Professor?" She asked slowly.

"Burning…dead…not huma…ki…e…" Was all Juliet could understand the words coming out of his mouth, more breathing them than saying or whispering. He suddenly convulsed a couple of times and then stopped moving altogether, his final breath escaping his lips. Julie fingered his neck, looking for a pulse. There was none.

"Oh god." She gasped, putting her hands over her mouth. She turned and but didn't get up. However, because she had turned around she didn't see Wall move. His eyelids opened and revealed his eyes, dead eyes. The colour had faded and the white was grey. He slowly sat up behind Juliet, who was totally oblivious to his reanimation. She sobbed and Wall turned his head towards her. He opened his mouth and a tiny dribble of blood spilled out, falling upon his white coat. Juliet heard a hissing sound and slowly turned around, tears in her eyes. She didn't even get a chance to scream as Wall suddenly surged forward and sank his teeth into her neck, penetrating her soft flesh. Blood spurted from the ruptured artery and Juliet sank down onto the ground. Wall mounted her and began to dig his teeth further in, getting a large chunk of flesh in his mouth. He snapped his head back and blood spattered over him and the ground around the two. Wall began to slowly eat the meat in his mouth before going back for more. His movement was slow and useless, like Steve back in the pit. Wall stumbled to his feet and moved towards the door. It opened automatically from the inside and he stumbled out, blood down the front of his body and clothes. A man was walking past when he noticed Wall.

"Oh god. Are you alright?" The man asked, dropping his suitcase to the floor and running over to Wall. Wall stumbled forward and fell into the mans arms. The man tried to push him back up but Wall moved all of a sudden, sinking his teeth into the mans arm. While the man was screaming and Wall was feeding, Juliet suddenly twitched and her eyes open, the colour draining and white now grey. It wouldn't be long until the other man joined the two.