They left their homes,
Left wives unkissed,
And sorrowed as over the waves they went,
Away to a foreign land were sent,
And, by those left, were missed.

To die abroad,
Unloved, alone,
To fight for a king and hated lord,
To die at a monarch's slightest word,
Undone in flesh and bone.

And on the sand,
A woman stood,
Following their trek to a foreign shore,
Lamenting the men lost forevermore,
Left there alone to brood.

Her husband gone,
Beyond the seas,
A widow was made on her wedding night,
As away he left by the cold dawn light,
And there her heart did freeze.

And so it was,
And so it is,
So do cruel wars make widows of us all,
As love is abandoned for duty's call,
Forgotten, One last kiss.