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Summery: Taku is an exiled angel stuck in the Mortal realm until he can repent for his sins. Fordon is an ultimate evil trying to escape. All the sudden, Taku's sucked up into this adventure, and the world now rests in on the shoulders of the young, celestial criminal.


"Something must be done! I demand to see something be done!" A voice boomed into a darkened room, the voice was a little hysterical.

"He may do it again. We need to get rid of him!" A second voiced to the crowd of six.

"But where to send him?" A third voice asked. "The Underworld doesn't accept Celestial-borns! And we certainly can't keep him here with us."

"We could send him to the Mortal realm." A fourth suggested, rather peaceful for the situation at hand. "This time he got lucky. He's no more threat, but he still needs to be punished. Send him to the mortal realm till he can repent. Rip off his wings, his halo, everything that may suggest his position, and send him to live with them." She, as it was obvious this powerful god-like thing was female, suggested to the other five of the group.

"The mortal realm?!" Another asked. "They're so barbaric!"

"Punishment!" The one who had suggested the idea said harshly back.

"It's a good idea." Another said, his voice not calm, per say, but peaceful, full of wisdom, it sounded as if it was speaking every language known to man at once, and it was loud, confident, and sounded as if it could reach the bottom depths of the deepest ocean in a whisper, yet didn't stray beyond the boundaries of the room. "But stripping him of everything will make him unable to return. If it's just until he repents, let him keep one wing." The voice said. It was true, to strip one of all titles or indicators meant he may not come back. "But dye it the color of his heart." It was harsh punishment, but the actions were not to be taking lightly, it was the lowest thing one could do besides ripping off both. The words that had been spoken held no room for argument, yet no one thought of it in the first place.


Taku Kana woke up with a start. It had been a long while since he had dreams of that place. As on cue, he sneered with the thought. They honestly thought it was him? He was only five hundred! Him, have that much power? He laughed with that thought. Only He had that kind of power that young.

He sighed resentfully and got out of bed. Looking at the mirror on top of his small bathroom sink, making sure the concealment charm was in place, he pulled on a simple white collared shirt that went well with his black slacks, and ruffling his raven-colored hair, he grabbed his trench coat and left the small apartment.

Taku had finished putting on the trench coat, buttons done and all, when he stepped out into the bustling Theonean streets.

Theone was part of North Gina. Gina was the largest continent found in the mortal realm. It was split into North, South, East, and West Gina. Famous for civil wars among the different parts.

There were only three other continents on the mortal realm, none as large.

Hisano was exactly like its name. An open plain. Full of nomads, and tons of smaller villages. It was full of rich minerals that most people in Gina would kill for an ounce of.

Kiro was second smallest, it wasn't very well-known, as most of the population resided in Gina, and they only cared about the places and people that may be allies or threatening. Kiro was neither. Sparsely populated, Kiro was known to be sanctuary for people in need, who needed to get away from their life. It's believed to be so perfect no one wants to leave. Well, that, and the ridiculous tale they can't leave, which is what kept people from going to actually see if it was perfect.

Yama was exactly the opposite of Hisano. It was significantly smaller then Hisano, and basically it was a chain of islands full of mountains and volcanoes. Most of which were active. The people of Yama called it the Keahi. The people of Gina tended to stay away from there, as there customs were so different.

Theone was a quiet town, quite close to the border between North and West Gina. It was situated near the Deron river, which divided the two. Not a major city of trade on the river, but still got its share of vendors.

Taku had tried to find something well enough to repent in this mortal realm, but the worst thing he's found so far was the civil wars. And Taku, though exiled, thought he was still above something so barbaric and mortal.

Taku had been horrified when they had sent him here. Things were so… difficult, and so different. People were barbaric. Instead of nice clean white robes, they wore pants, and shirts. Now, Taku had watched the Mortals sometimes, and seen these, but him, being degraded to it? And those Mortal devices, things like electricity, televisions. He had made quite a fool out of himself when he had asked about them.

Also, the withdraw of power had weakened him for sometime. If it wasn't losing most of his status, and power along with it, that made him weak, it was the Mortals with barely any power at all around him. While they could do magic, and occasionally, he'd stumble across a powerful sorcerer, in which he gladly bask in the power radiating off of them, it was nothing compared to the power his mother and father had, or any angel back in the Heavens had.

After ten years of Mortal life, he'd gotten use to it, but, being a teenager in angel times, he sometimes longed for the warmth of loving power coming off his mother, or father, or his whole family, really.

He sighed as he paid for the paper from a street vendor that also sold varieties of candies and magazines. Same old stuff, thoughts of a new civil war, sunny, dry day, blah, blah, blah…

"Taku." A voice said from behind him. He turned around quickly, dropping the paper he was scanning in surprise. No one knew him around here, neither by name, nor sight, he had just moved here last week from a small town near East Gina, and everyone he had met, he hadn't stayed near long.

He was, I can say, very surprised to see a girl with light purple hair and steel eyes to match his own standing there.

"Aneko." Was his harsh reply, once he had regained himself.

She sighed. "Come Brother, we need to discuss things elsewhere." She said, then turning and leading him away.

He stared at the retreating back before he grumbled and followed reluctantly, wondering what she could be doing here, after all this time.


"What are you doing here, Aneko?!" Taku snapped as soon as they were in privacy, anti-eavesdropping charms set up all over Taku's apartment.

Aneko had ignored him, looking over the apartment. "Look what you've been reduced to, Tak." She said, using her own nickname for him, while sneering at the apartment.

"Don't call me that!" Taku growled. "To you, it's either Taku or Kana." He told her forcefully.

"My, how the Mortals turned you cold." She said, shaking her head in disappointment.

"The Mortals did nothing. It was you. You sentenced me here. This was your idea, your doing, I'm innocent, you know that!" He accused her.

"Now, now, Tak." She said, smirking slightly at the agitated look on Taku's face. "It was such a desperate time! None of us knew what to do. You were where all the evidence was pointing to. We had to do something, our people would've panicked, you would've had a better life here, anyway. No one knows what you've done, they can't harass you like the angels would've." She said, trying to explain, an innocent smile plastered onto her face.

"I didn't do any of it! And you know it! You're the youngest member on that damn Council! You have potential! And therefore, influence! You could've stuck up for me! But no! My own sister turned against me!"

"Taku!" She said forcefully. "You know I couldn't of! To stand up for you, I would've lost my place, my position of power! And, as my higher position against you, in angel, older sister, and High Council member Goro, I command thee, lesser being, to hold thy tongue and to not accuse me wrongly of such acts as Mortal and barbaric as this!" She said, talking in the way the High Council members were to talk when giving out the orders, all while, her concealment charm holding in her white wings was released, they were held in a threatening position, and her eyes were glowing powerfully.

"As you wish, High Council member Goro." Taku answered back properly, yet reluctantly, but who was he to reject the order of someone so high up as her? "Why are you here?" He said after a short pause in the conversation, both of them had spent the last minute or so trying to stare each other down.

Calming down a bit, she started to explain. "I came to help you." She said, smiling softly.

"What?" Taku said, astonished, out of everything he was thinking, this was the last thing he was expecting to hear out of his older sister's mouth.

"I've been watching you. You've been having trouble finding something to do to repent. Correct?" She asked for confirmation, although she already knew she was right. He nodded affirmative, and Aneko continued. "There's a rumor going around the Council. Fordon is breaking his bonds. He's getting too close to escaping for comfort of the Council. They do know a way to renew his bonds. The same they did thousands of years ago."

During the story, Taku's eyes had gone wide. They couldn't be serious. Fordon? Loose? That would destruction for all three realms, Mortal, Heavens, and the Underworld. Fordon was the greatest-known evil. He had been caged since the beginning of time, but of course, all cages rust.

According to legend, one must find all twelve keys, plus the Chosen to renew the bounds. The twelve keys were at twelve different Neda, temples of the God, scattered around the four different continents. No one knew where they were, for only Celestial beings could get to them. As for the Chosen, only the five angels of the High Council and He himself knew whom they were. They were to be sacrificed, as blood is the best mortar.

"Why are you telling me this?" He asked, somewhat dreading the answer.

"Why, because we, the Council, that is, want you to do it, get the keys, sacrifice her, the whole deal." She said.

"Why me?" He said, he didn't want to do this. Last time, they sent five angels out before the fifth was successful, and they had gone through six Chosen, you see, as a Chosen dies, they are instantly reincarnated, some could go there whole life not knowing, or not being needed, as Fordon didn't escape very often. Apparently, even at the cost of the Underworld, Satan would give anything to see the Heavens fall. So it wasn't exactly a peaceful trip around-the-world. He'd have to deal with the Devil's minions, too, not to mention some girl, supposedly, for who knows how long.

"Because, Tak, you're already here, and, you're no big lose to the Heavens in your position." She said, before Taku could retort, she began to talk again. "Now, she's at the Northern Neda in Southern Gina." She said, looking like she was trying to remember all the facts correctly. "You should be able to tell who she is, just by the power she should radiate." She gave him one last smile before saying, "good bye, Brother." And disappearing in a flash.

Taku fell to his knees at the sudden lack of power that had once been flowing around the room. He hate to admit it, but he had wished his sister had stayed longer. If only for the feeling of comfort another angel's power had given him.

All the while noting how quickly and suddenly he had been pushed into this adventure.


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