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Summary: The sins of an angel can always be atoned. But how far is one angel willing to go to get back to the Heavens? Even if it meant saving the Universe, could Taku kill the one he loves?


Taku wondered the halls of the Temple he was currently residing in, today had been a long day, from seeing Aneko to meeting the Final Sacrifice.

Taku shivered as a light breeze blew over his face, looking up in confusion, he found his wondering had led him to the small garden in the back of the Temple. He found this surprising, considering he had gotten lost twice on the way to dinner, and was expecting to find himself somewhere lost on the eighth floor right about now, considering he headed upwards to reach the fifth floor, where his room was situated.

How he ended up on the ground floor baffled him. He sighed and sat cross-legged on the stones beneath him. Looking up, his eye locked with one of the almost full moon in the sky, the moon itself seemed a little too bright to be considered a moon.

He thought back to the dinner that night.

Kita… Kita was… Alright, a little peppy and optimistic, but alright.

He had first had a formal meeting with her at dinner.

Taku entered the brightly lit dining hall, it seemed very modest, exactly what Taku would expect from such a place. Twenty or so monks sat around the long, wooden table, situated in the direct center of the room. Priest Zayn at the head of the far head of the table. With only one vacant seat left, Taku reluctantly sat next to a beaming Kita. They did this on purpose, he knew it.

"Hi!" She beamed as he sat down. She was going to be annoying. Why did she have to be so… Excited? God, Taku realized it wasn't everyday a Hadiya, real or not, came along, but honestly, he was hoping for some quiet, obedient monk. Instead, he got Kita, a peppy, happy teenager. Joy. "You're just in time for prayer!" She said happily. Taku bit back a groan, instead bowing his head like the others had and silently listening to Zayn's prayer.

'We want to thank you,

Lord Almighty, for everything.

From water to fire,

From ground to air,

All so different, yet all connected.

We want to thank you,

For the blessings you bestow,

Day after day,

Never showing weakness,

Let our Faith never stray.

In the name of God and the High Council,


A second 'Amen' was chorused as the Priest had finished.

'At least these people still have Faith.' Taku though to himself.

"So! Are you excited or what!?" A voice squealed next to him. Taku groaned lightly, he had forgotten about her.

'I hope she isn't always like this.'

"I am!" She continued. "It's just so… Unreal." She said, this time she said things in a softer, more disbelieving tone.

"Defiantly." Taku replied flatly. This was going to be a long dinner. Just a perfect top for his long day. Maybe tomorrow, they could all get attacked by some giant Hellhound! No, wait, best not get my hopes up.' He sighed inwardly.

"Are you a monk?" She asked, taking in his attire.

"Sure." He responded half-heartily, putting food on his plate.

"Then why aren't you wearing monk's clothing?" She said, not catching the dropped hint of 'leave me the Hell alone!'.

Taku took a deep breath. "Because-" he said sharply, "- I prefer this." He shoved food in his mouth to get out of talking.

"I see." She said. "I always found my robes very comfortable. But we all have different tastes, I suppose." She then brightened considerably. "So! Which Sacred Temple are we going to first?!"

"The closest one." He said simply. The closest Sacred Temple was Kiregire, which was about twenty miles north. 'Damn! Why are they so far apart!' Taku hissed in his own mind, the fastest this was over with the better.

"Oh." She mouthed, with a face that clearly showed her berating herself for not thinking of that. Taku made a noise of agreement, rice in his mouth. "So what Temple are you from?" She asked, but frowned slightly when Taku simply ignored her and put another spoon of rice in his mouth. "You're not very pleasant, are you?" She asked, her tone colder then he had heard from her.

He looked at her and swallowed some rice. Was she not liking him? 'Great! Maybe now she won't want to interact as much!' Taku thought hopefully, but that shot down before the thought was even complete, that was never going to happen. Taku could tell. He sighed inwardly and answered with a smirk. "I'm not exactly a people person, no."

She huffed at his answer and rolled her eyes. She was so childish. "How'd you ever become a monk?" She asked, exasperated.

"Well, you never know, our two Temples could be completely different tradition wise." He said. "Instead of what it taught you here, mine could be taught with discipline."

She looked about to burst with anticipation, and she did. "Ooh! I know! Just another great fact about what is to come! Oh think, Taku, what we'll see, who we'll meet! We'll be all over Terra, it's such a huge cultural experience! And we're lucky enough to be able to enjoy it!" She was practically jumping for joy.

"Ah yes, I'm ecstatic." He said, voice once again flat, fingers pinched the bridge of his nose to warn off any headache that tried to make itself known in Taku's mind. She had then gone onto start explaining this Temples traditions to Taku, and luckily, dinner had ended before he had to tell his part, and they were both forced their separate ways. Taku up to the fifth floor, the men's dormitories, and Kita to the fourth, to the women's. And Taku had ended up in the garden instead.

The garden itself was quite beautiful. The stone paths were lines with berry bushes, and fruit trees were scattered throughout the garden, flowers of all colors popped up everywhere, and long grass plants were always making themselves known throughout the arrangement of shrubberies and flowers. Taku had to admit, the garden was expertly designed and grown.

Taku came back to Earth as a fox ran across the garden, a rabbit, bleeding, still alive in its jaws. He stared at the victim in morbid fascination when the fox stopped in his trot and looked at Taku questionably. Any monk here would try to get the fox to let it go. Taku knew better. Even God wouldn't stop this. It was the circle of life, just like when this fox would die, it's body would become the grass, and the rabbit's family would eat that grass, only later to be eaten by another fox. It goes on and on. The cycle cannot be broken, and disrupting the cycle would only kill the fox and its family faster.

If it's one thing these Mortals couldn't seem to understand was that life goes on. Humans try their hardest to live, as if Terra and time itself would stop if they passed away. But if they go, the world would still spin, and the cycle would keep going. All was one, and one was all. Mortals were always searching for ways to live forever. Taku snorted in his mind. Only He lived forever. Not even the High Council lived much longer then the average death age. And there was only one exception to this rule, that was Kita, if she didn't die the Universe would stop spinning, and time would cease to exist.

Taku shook his head to clear the thoughts from his head. That was a very random thought track. He was tired, biting back a yawn he turned to go back into the Temple, noting how most of the lights inside had gone out, except for a few on the dorm levels, including the one, that if Taku remembered correctly, was Kita's light. Taku sighed, irritated. 'She had better not give me any bitching in the morning, then.' He thought, crossing his arms and walking back into the Temple.

Once again lost in the musings of this realm, Taku failed to realize where he was going until he was directly outside his bare room. Sighing once more the night he walked in the room, locked the door, and got undressed until down to his boxers, he hated sleeping in his white T-shirt, it was bad enough during the day that it would constrict the one wing he had left, and his clothes tended to wrap around him as he slept, making it very uncomfortable.

Looking out the window at the moon one more time, he laid back in bed and let the gentle song of the outside crickets lull him to sleep, tonight no nightmares hit him.

He guessed holy grounds had that type of effect on people.


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