If you hit me there must be a reason,

Something I said or something I did,

That made you so angry, you had to burst.

But I tried to be nice and I tried to help,

And I try to be free and express myself,

Because I'm not stupid and I'm not an oaf.

But I still don't understand why I'm the prey you chose.

My mistakes are puny,

The others do worse.

And I always make up for more than I've lost,

And I always listen when nobody hears,

And I always help when everybody runs,

And I'm always there whenever you need,

Even to be a loving punching ball.

Because no matter how hard you hit,

No matter how often,

I can't stop thinking

What a good person you are.

So if you hit me

There must be a reason,

Something I did,

Or something I said