I'm falling apart to the sound of my footsteps;
echo, echo it's the next big thing next to mistakes.
What color is your heart tonight?
Is it burning through your TV screens to remind you
that you forgot how to feel,
you forgot what was real, you forgot you were a martyr
sold out for a dollar: it's a price we pay
for mistakes we wish we made.

This is no keeper, this is not the story of your life
and how I like to tell it with carefully
constructed words from your mind's dictionary.
I've got stones in my pocket, they're
breaking bones; my skull is so
thick from thinking, I'm tired of sinking
to six feet below a ground so cold,
so frozen. I'm consumed by this assumption.

When will tomorrow end to make this day after
for a future I don't know?
Where to start, where to finish, where to go?
Every door's been closed and this hallway is so empty.
I only have the ringing in my ears.
This song that I'm singing, it's the tale of my dreams deferred
and I hope you fall for every word.

Everything I never said was just a lie anyway.
Turn your back and close your eyes and give up on me,
carrying Hell on your shoulders towards the horizon.
It's the next best thing, it's the next best thing.

Every feeling that no one ever told you about...
you're on your own to define your mind.
On your own, it's just a set up for anticipation
of never knowing or caring for this reaction.
The guillotine's gone rusty, severed lives are
hanging from their limbs. Tell me what's within
the confines of your unlucky stars.

I'm not afraid but that's a lie.
All I've made are accusations, determination
at its finest, built and running straight into a
red brick wall. How can you look up when you're about to fall?
This is lying on the floor, beaten by
your swollen ears.
Why bother to listen if there isn't even something to hear?
It's a lie, the smiles you felt, the tears you cried,
they were lies.

These are only tales of my dreams deferred
and I hope you fall for every word.