I don't wish to whisper the broken hearts of my mistakes,
regrets, the days I never made.
I'm paying for my crimes but every tear is worth less than a word.
I've swallowed these goodbyes in thinking I was worth more.
One night can turn these hearts to stone,
to leave all love to stand alone
locked against a permanent sunrise of the mind.
And yet my life and love pour into busy streets,
headed for corruption. My world is crumbling from the foundation I forgot to lay.
In such a time your life can change but not enough to rearrange
your swollen feelings, their armor lost.
I'm paying my passage, I've stolen the cost.
Why pay the fare to burn the bridge and cut these ties?
I've choked back the words that screamed from my eyes.
Yet when these ties are wrapped around my neck,
is it truly safe to cut them yet?
But translucent love is not bright enough to see
the ghosts of deadened hearts haunting
more than the harm that one could do to me.
And yet the liar has been deceived
Both doors open, both I leave
behind to ruin myself, behind these lines,
behind closed eyes, I lose my life.