All Is Fair In Love And War

by, Cassandra

Sing me a love song, oh so sweet.
Serenade me till you can't sing no more.
Send me bouquets of every shape and size,
boasting the colors of the rainbow with every petal.
Shower me with gifts every time I turn around.
Spoil me rotten, if that's what you really want to do.

But, no matter what you do, I'm never going to break.
For every song you croon, I've heard better.
For every flower you send, I've got one superior.
For every present you send, I've got something finer.

You're never going to be the one, don't you get it?
I'm never giving you the key to my sacred heart.
Try all you want, you will never ever win.
This is my game, and you don't know the rules like I do.
This is an uphill battle, baby, and you're wearing out already.
How much longer can you keep pushing on and on?

This isn't going to work out like you want it to.
You're not going to win, but you refuse to listen.
Keep trying, darling, all you want to.
I'll give you commendations for your effort,
but it's really all in vain, my dear.
You are never going to win this fight.

You say "All is fair in love and war."
Well, honey, that can go both ways.
So watch your back, and watch it well
'cause you never know what lies beyond the bend.
And it could very well be the end to this,
and the end of me and you...