The candles created a dim aurora around the crucifix hanging on the church wall. A single man knelt before the cross, his head in his hands. Silently tears fell from a face distorted in agony. Over and over he mouthed the word "why". Sorrow filled him and threatened to consume him.

A doll fell from his hand on the carpet. It was his daughter's doll. She had got in the hospital when she had croup. Tears fell as he remembered the way she used to hold it and cuddle with at she went to bed. Slowly the empty hand closed into a fist. With all his might the man slammed his hand down on the carpet in front of the cross. "Why?" It was a silent question that he tried to speak over and over again, yet couldn't find the voice.

In the other hand was a gold ring with a small diamond placed in the center. Anguish beat at him as he remembered when he proposed to his wife. He could still feel her warmth. His arms ached with the need to hold her, yet never again would she be there. "Why, why, why, why…?"

The accident had taken two lives and one. The other car didn't stop at a stop sign. In a second it was over. He had held his daughter as she bled. The first life was gone. Praying that he wasn't too late, the man ran to the car and pulled his wife out. Glazed eyes stared into the grey sky. The second life was taken. The man threw his head back and screamed. With every ounce of his being he screamed and beat the road. Blood and rain covered him. The third life was snuffed out.

"Why, why, why, why, why, why..?" He mouthed over and over again. "WHY!?" He screamed at the crucifix. "I served you! I loved you! You said you would never leave me nor forsake me! Why do I feel so alone!? Why did you take them!? Why did you leave me?! WHERE ARE YOU!?" His body was wracked with sobs. "Where are you?!" He yelled again.

"Right here." The candle flickered and burned quietly. The man lifted his head and looked around the room. Empty pews stood alone in the dismal church. He was alone, yet he wasn't.

"I will always be with you." The only sound was the rain pelting the side of the building. Yet the man heard it.

"I need you Jesus…" He looked up at the crucifix and looked into the eyes of the Savior hanging. It was only wood. Again he fell into silent sobs.

The room lightened. The candles went out, yet the room still was lit. Consumed in his own grief the man didn't notice.

Quietly, the Savior of the world walked up behind the man and knelt with him and wept.