On full wolf moon the adventurous roams

Without a path, without a home

When children run and the ghouls cavort

The children's night of fun is short.

So walk amongst the hallowed streets

With tricks and treats so bittersweet

A phantom roaming amongst the roads

And seeing children come and go

In drapes of black and gowns of white

All Hallow's Eve is quite a fright.

The streets are full of fiends and beasts

With sugar as their magic feast

But watch the children roam across

The moonlit streets, yes, they have lost

The light that makes the streets so bright

And all you have tonight, is fright.

So spend this night in joyous glee

With friendly neighbors and candy

Pretend to be what can't be seen

And gather chocolate and jellybeans.

A modest harvest, the children say

As they could've gone till day

But sitting upon this porch for thee

Makes this night so nice for me.

All Hallow's Eve, a night so grand

But better when I hold your hand.