I miss you

It's not true what they say

I don't see you on every child's face

I don't see you around every corner

You don't sit on that swing anymore

You don't play with those kids anymore

And it's not true what they say

I don't see you there beside me

And I don't feel your hand in mine

I don't hear you singing

And I can't see you running

So it's not true what they say

I don't think of you

Every time I look in the mirror,

And not everything reminds me of you.

I remember the good

But I haven't forgotten the bad.

Your face doesn't haunt me

Nor your presence surround me.

And maybe, for sure,

That's what I miss the most.

You're never there,

And you never will be.

I know you're gone

Forever away.

And I wish I was dreaming,

I wish you appeared,

On this corner where I'm standing,

Wondering where the next step will take me,

Hoping it'll be with you.

And yes it's true,

I'm not ashamed to say it

I miss you.

And it's not true what they say,

Although I wish it was,

So that everywhere I looked,

The sight of your face,

Would make me feel like life was alright again.

And it's just too bad,

That it's not true,

And that in my heart

Some wounds don't heal and never will,

Because despite the fact

That you're not here right now,

I know that you did love me,

Even if not long enough

It seems to me.

I miss you.

And it's not true what they say,

In all those stupid songs,

Written by people

Who've never been in love.

I'll never see your face again,

Never hear your voice again,

Never hold your hand in mine again,

Never kiss your lips again,

Never feel your heart beat next to mine again and forever.

And I'll say it again and again,

And it might make you come back,

From wherever you death sent you,

And you might here me,

And you could let me know you're waiting for me.

And if that's the way it has to be,

Then I'm not afraid to yell it,

I'm not afraid to let you know:

I love you and I miss you.