A/N: This was a timed English essay I had to write for school…Personally, I don't like it, but luckily my teacher did. I'm actually planning on continuing it some time…because I didn't get to fit in everything I wanted. So yeah this will be continued…eventually.


You are my best friend Kristy V' Jeakio. That is why I must kill you. Rather, save you. I don't want you feel the same agonizing pain that haunts me each and every day, and that has slowly eaten away at my heart until it was nothing more than the core of a rotten apple.

You don't notice me watching you. You are too busy melting away in relaxation as I massage your swollen body, tense with stress and pressure from all the daily problems of life. Moments earlier you phoned for me, your most loyal friend and personal masseuse, to come over to your house because you claimed that you ached all over and needed a good rub down. Strange, how when you betrayed me and stole away my one true love I did not call you, even though I ached all over.

I run my hands up delicately to your neck, encircling them. You don't know that I am secretly contemplating whether or not to strangle you and gasp at the feeling of all your pain seeping away. You think it feels good…yet I believe it feels even better when I swiftly strike the pressure points on either side of your neck.

Your dark eyes appear to fall empty, like a black hole as I drag away your body and stuff it into my massage table's bag. Leaving only your cold hand sticking out of the zipper, I prowl around your house on the search for tape. Once found, I wrap it around your finger pads, containing your DNA, which I use thoroughly to my advantage.

Before I leave the house, I snatch my old Hawaiian shirt, steal a loaf of bread and knock down your prized Venus flytrap, with you still safely tucked away in my sack. Later that night, the man who was once my boyfriend and then who was once yours, informs me that you have gone missing. Immediately, I notify the police of the murder, my pencil in hand and writing a sketchy note.

That very same evening he was taken into custody for the slaughter of two women, both of whom he knew very well. They had discovered a conspiracy that he was plotting to kill his wife, after reading his cyber journal, for her abundant wealth. However, a single piece of evidence left the police in a haze, still questioning and skeptical of precisely who killed who.

The blood-stained note that was found read simply:

You were my best friend Kristy V' Jeakio. And that is why I must kill you.