Define: Love

In mathematics, love is an exponential function

With base greater than 1 to the power of time

Where your desire for love builds up slowly

As time elapse

In chemistry, love is the neutron

Where two substances meet and cause combustion

The heat is the passion

And the neutron that unifies the two

In biology, love is a by-product

Of hormones from both organism

Once the hormone stops

Then no more enthusiasm can be found

In physics, love is projectile

Where amount of love you initiate

Is the same quantity as the hatred you finish

There are no injections and loss during the process

In P.E, love is coordination

Where your hands and eye need to cooperate

In order to aim

The imbalance of two leads to failure

In Social studies, love is a law

That it cannot be shared

Nor can it be forced

To the set of norms and expectations

In English, love is an expression

That puts people in fervor

No control can be found

And say things that sound

In home economics, love is food

But it's for brain

It drives people nuts without it

But excess causes pain

In accounting, love is a balance sheet

Where assets equals to the liability

That the presents are the assets

And what you promise is the liability

In botany, love is a rose

That it looks pretty to see

And its fragrance entice

But it leaves your soul to bleed

In My opinion, love is a bitch

That changes meager whims

To insatiable lust

And don't even, for a moment,

Think that I'll fall again

You can hurt me once

But you can't hurt me twice