I love you


The door to your heart is locked

Unreachable, and without tears.

Even though you won't hear it,

these three words I quietly declare.


The past became buried,

and you've grown distant.

Maybe you won't believe it,

but I whisper again with conviction.

These three words were meant for you.


Even when your ignorance becomes painful,

Complicated emotions didn't change.

Three words like lies,

Left on your doorstep unnoticed.


In the end, it will never reach you,

and I remember the reasons why.

Three words from me to you,

Lost in the silence of time.


"I love you..."


October 12, 2006


A/N: wow, it's been a while, haven't written anything for the longest time, felt compelled to write this today, plz pardon any mistakes >. i would like advice on the last line, whether or not the poem is better with the 'i love you' or not. thanks, much appreciated