There are some secrets that should never be told. If they ever got out, it could endanger you. There is nothing safe about my secret. Nothing safe at all. I have never told anyone but my family what I was. They knew before I did because they are what I am. We only associate with creatures like us. If any humans found out, it would mean the end of our race. There would be no more like me or my family. It's just the way the world is now.

We will always be monsters and remain that way. Nothing will change that. Ever. Just like when they burned witches at the stake, good or bad, in the 1700's. It didn't matter and it never will. No one cares about anyone else but themselves. Except my family and I. Our race, at least our Pack, watches out for each other. Do the humans? Not that I have seen. I have only been alive nineteen years and from what I've seen, humans are the real monsters.

The werewolves I know have never slaughtered people for pleasure. We kill only for survival. I hear that some humans do the same but most do not. And they do not have that survival instinct that we do. Some may have that instinct but not like us. Whatever it takes to survive, we will do it no matter the consequences. We never get caught because we are intelligent creatures. Most of us, anyway. Some of my kind would call this a curse. I do not. To me, it is a blessing. No one can harm me. I'll just hit back and hit harder. Much harder. But in a way, it is a curse because like I said, you can never tell of this kind of secret.

I guess that would be the curse of being a werewolf.