"So, you're a werewolf?" Ellie asked, sitting with her legs crossed beside me. I could smell her fear and uncertainty. We were outside of West Minster by the small pond, watching some kids canoe along the water. My teachers had been a little irritated that I had blown off classes for a couple days but I could not tell them why. Hey, my friend is a pregnant werewolf being used as a vampire blood bank and me and this assassin had to save her. Yeah, that would blow over real well. I got caught up on all my work so I have no idea what they were squawking about.

"Yeah," I said, arms wrapped around my knees.

"And so is your brother, parents and Ren?" she questioned but knew the answer once again.

"Yes," I murmured, kind of afraid that my best friend would get up and walk away, never to look back. It was what any werewolf with a human friend or significant other expected. I could not say I blamed her if she did.

"I should have suspected something," she whispered with a small smile. I stared at her, brow raised in question. "You're never around for the full moon, your radio show is called Moon Hour, you have the strength of ten men not to mention the speed of a cheetah." She shook head. "And to think I'm trying to be a lawyer."

"Hey, you noticed it, didn't you?" I asked. She nodded slowly. "Who was going to believe I was a werewolf? Sometimes, a good lawyer knows when to keep their mouth shut." She smiled and agreed. "So...what now?"

She shrugged. "It's all so weird but in a way..." she looked at me and I smiled. "It all makes sense." So she was not going to run away after all. Thank you, God.

"You don't think I'm a freak then?" I wondered, playfully.

She scoffed. "Please, I thought you were a freak before I found out about you being a werewolf."

I got an appalled look on my face then shoved her. She laughed when I tackled her and lightly hit her on the arm. "That was ignorant!"

"You'll get over it," she told me, sticking her tongue out.

"Oh, someone has an attitude nowadays," I noted.

We went back to sitting and she just stared at the water. "I'm just..." she sighed. "I'm just so sick of being shy and being made fun of. I guess a little of you rubbed off on me." I smiled and we spent the rest of the afternoon in conversation before we decided to go eat then head home. I had to be at work in a little while so I just shot straight there. I got out of my car and locked it, letting the night wash over me. I loved the night. Something about it was calming, soothing and quiet. It was not just the wolf part of me. The night was a mystical thing. You never knew what was out there. I, for one, in fact did. I was the stuff nightmares were made of. I was the thing that went bump in the night. I was the big bad wolf that would blow your house down.

A loud noise came from behind me. I jumped in the air and spun around as my heart picked up its pace. So much for the big bad wolf theory, eh? Ren was sitting on top of my car, legs crossed and weapons in plain sight. All she did was stare at me with a disturbed look on her face. Her brown eyes were sad and I felt so terrible.

"Hey," I greeted.

"Hey," she returned, looking distant.

"How are you?" I asked and she knew what I was referring to. It had been a week since I had last spoken to her.

She shrugged. "I've had bad days and days that aren't so bad." She took out a pack of cigarettes, unopened and looked at them. "I bought these ten days ago and haven't even opened them yet." Flipping it around in her palm, using her fingers, she shook her head and threw the pack into the night. I heard a tiny thump as they hit the ground. "It just doesn't seem worth it anymore."

"Does anything?" I asked, cautiously, silently praying that she would not do something incredibly stupid in the near future.

"Yeah," she answered and I brew out the breath I did not know I was holding. "Losing that baby made me realize how precious and short life truly is for some people. It just sucked it was my baby. But I think I was being punished."

"For what?" I asked, confused. All I could do was ask questions and say two or three word sentences.

"Let's face it, Raina, I'm not a saint," she stated as if it were obvious.

"Well, you're not evil either," I snapped, angry with myself more than her. "If anyone should be punished it's me cause it was my fault in the fucking first place this happened."

I heard her jump off the car because I was no longer looking at her, unable to. "Yeah, I thought so at first to," she agreed and I did look at her this time. "But it was my own fault. I was punishing myself for the past and let it consume my future. You were only trying to help. The only person to blame for this is myself."

I sighed. "We all make mistakes."

"No shit," she scoffed. She smiled a little. "Looks like I can try to make up for them, though. I'm only taking jobs now that help me take out the real evil supernaturals. Why kill good people when they are only trying to help?"

I tilted my head. "How many times did you tell yourself that before you finally stopped thinking about killing me?"

That made her laugh and it was good to hear that sound. "Ah, who knows?" She stared at me with a new expression, one of admiration and gratefulness. "You stood by me, fought for and with me, helped me even when I didn't want it and proved you can be just as stubborn as me." She smirked then lost it, seriousness replacing it. "Thank you." I gaped. I have never heard Ren thank anyone before and be serious about it.

"You're welcome," I said, still shocked.

"Well, I have to get out of here," she told me. "I have a job in Philadelphia and have to be there by tomorrow morning so I decided to leave tonight."

"OK," I said, smiling. "When you get back, how about you, Sarah, Ellie and me go out?"

She raised a brow and I expected her to decline. "Sure, could be fun."

I grinned. "OK. Call me when you're in town."

"Will do." She walked away then stopped and turned back towards me with her heart in her eyes. "It hurts," she admitted. "You know, I'll never hear the baby's first words, see their first smile, hear their first laugh." With a sad smile, she slowly shook her head. "Travis and I talked and I feel bad for him in a way. But I can't love him the way he wants me to. In a way, I wish I could to ease his pain but it's not that simple." I nodded in understanding. Just because someone loves you does not mean you can love them back. Maybe one day you will or they just aren't the one you were meant to be with. "But what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?"

"I suppose," I said, mulling over that. The fire that had destroyed my home had not killed me but strengthened me in the end. It hurts but it was not enough to kill me.

"Do you think it gets better over time?" she asked.

"Yeah," I told her, honestly. "It takes a lot of time and may not even ever leave you but it will get easier."

She nodded and this time, when she turned to walk away, she did not look back. I sighed. There was no way to ease the pain inside of her but Ren was strong. She would get through this. She only needed time to heal and I would help her as best I could. I walked into the building and to my radio station, nodding to Carlos. I sat down, put on the headphones and waited for my cue, lost so deep in thought that I barely knew what to say when it was time.

"Good night, everyone, and welcome to Moon Hour," I greeted distantly. Then I blew out a breath. "You know, tonight's show will be different. I want to dedicate this show to all the babies in the world who never made it." Tears filled my eyes. "You see, my friend lost her child not too long ago and she was only three months pregnant. I was there and I can not imagine the pain she went through." Sniffling, I wiped my eyes. Carlos was staring at me, worried and confused. "This show is dedicated to all the women who lost their babies, but mainly, to the babies who will never be able to see the world in all its glory. God Bless and be with you." I turned on a song that would maybe help some of these people through their pain. And the whole time, I cried, praying for a brighter day.

The sun will rise, the sun will save me.
The sun will change me, change the way I feel.

The day will make this hard of fortune,
From the fruit of a hundred orchards,
From the water river's break.

The sun will rise, the sun will save me from the night.
The sun will change me, change the way I feel.
I've had enough of the hard and harder,
Times are tough,
I've drifted farther, farther from myself.

I won't dwell, baby, on my failures.
It won't help, baby, it won't bring changes.
I won't run, baby, when all I want is to run.
I won't forget the morning sure to come.

The sun will rise, the sun will save me from the night.
The sun will change me, change the way I feel.
The love I want, the love I need is sure to come,
Is sure to lead me, lead me home again.

The light is low, the night is burning.
My head is still, but my mind is turning, turning round again.
If only I could make it through this lonely night,
If I can do this, if I can drift away.

Then the sun will rise, the sun will save me from the night,
The sun will change me, change the way I feel.

The End