So It Is
~Sick Twisted Mind of Yume~

So it is
Gone and forgotten
Another day by and by
Not a care to remember
Not a dream to pass
Whispered without sound
Upon deaf ears unheard
Blind in the darkness
So it is
And always will be
By without notice
Tucked away like a secret
Forgotten so not be told
Knot in her stomach
Teardrops fill the ocean
Fingertips glide her home
Kissed upon the crown
So it is
Begotten not be told
Known to the unsold
Untold, deep the soul
Beloved to the sickley
Unsought by the heart
Just a single snowflake
Among a million faceless
Seen to the sightless
So it is
Joined with none other
Than herself alone
Solitude and singular
The life she's always known
Hands never reached out
No skin clutched
To a bone
All alone
So it is
So it was
So it stays