Silver Dragon's Kin

Finally I'm free, she thought, genuinely free… How long had it been? Years? Siega took a breath. The air was humid and moldy. This place, where ever it was, was old. The air mixed with small colorful white, green, and yellow orbs. And though the air around the princess was cool, the lights were warm. She looked around, dark hateful eyes darted to and fro in the cave she was in. No, not cave, maybe a corridor or cavern. Something with stairs and a door with a face at the end.

Slowly Siega moved herself against the wall to find her grounds. It was cold, wet, and moldy to the touch, which explained the air. Her eyes searched again and finally landed at lump on one of the stairs. The princes moved her hand to her hip and felt air where her sword sheath should have been. Her heart beat faster and she lowered her head to look for her weapon. Black hair fell over her shoulders and obscured her vision for short while as she padded herself down. She was unarmed. She took a deep breath and let out a sigh before moving slowly, cautiously over to the figure on the stairs.

Her left leg folded in, her knee bending while the other stretched out; still she kept her back against the wall. Her left hand was fisted and her right was sprawled out behind her to keep her balance as well as if this was a ruse, she could easily jump out of leg's length. She eased toward the figure and found it to be a sleeping girl. Siega cocked her head curiously and inched forward. The unconscious form's hair was long and dark and it lay sprawled behind her head on two steps. Her skin was pale, like porcelain and her cheeks and lips were a rosy color.

The Keeper of Secrets; Bearer of my Soul, Siega thought. She leaned in; her hand was no longer fisted. Instead her fingers found their way to the form's cheek. She's still so warm…

Loud clicking noises were made towards the end of the cavern where the door was. The princess' head snapped up, she snatched her hand away from the warmth of the girl's flesh. She leaned back and jumped. She could hear a low grinding noise and blinding golden light filtered through the opening crack of the door and into her eyes. Dark eyes squinted, narrowed. She tilted her head downward, but still able to see the door. On the door was the face of a fat man, though she didn't know who it was. Its eyes and parts of its cheeks were heavily shaded. Seiga's neck hairs stood on end. Goosebumps chilled her flesh.

Eventually the light shifted to an even, comfortable color, and Siega's eyes adjusted until she saw the newcomer. Her mouth opened in surprise slightly.

He's just a kid, she thought. His steps were sure and confident; elegant, his eyes glittered and shined mischievously, and his grin was cocky. She wanted to punch those features off him. The sleeping girl, and it was indeed a sleeping girl, groaned but did no more. The kid took a second to look at her and then reverted back to the princess. His grin deepened.

"Ahh, so she finally, awakes," the figure said. His voice was deep, but not in a way that was recognizable. However it was the way he said it that made her take a step back. He head tilted to the side, but her eyes still remained the same: dark and hateful.

"Who are you," the princess asked. Her voice was deep for a woman's and something in the way she spoke told others that she demanded respect and expected to get and answer to her question.

The other chuckled. "No one of importance."

And the door closed.