My eyes finally opening
Slowly the butterfly opens it wings

And the sky lights up once and forever
And my emotions spatter across it
Forwards and backwards in time

I stopped running from myself
I stopped running from the truth
In so many things long ago

But the comfortable, stagnant silence
That I kept with me in quiet places

And now I break apart the silence like glass
It fractures, splintering into my hands
And my heart, my eyes, my soul all come awake

Heaven opens up inside my mind

And my clouds are white again

So long they held onto their darkness
Time stretches back so far and there they are
A sky filled with black clouds and dark blue sunshine
Saltwater raindrops that turn the ground red
And the sound of a heartbreak as each hit
Darkness and sorrow and pain
Painted my pictures and my words

Now that the sun shines bright again
And I feel the warmth on my skin
My eyes opened now
I wonder how it feels to cry happy tears?
As they stream down

The world opens up like a flower

And I know the petals will wilt one day
And I know that all flowers die
And I know my life will end one day

Maybe a lifetime is the price
That I pay for this moment of hope
A price worth paying

So sing my song and sing it clearly
If you lose sight of me before my flower fades
Sing my song and sing it truly
And let the words be your own

All I ask is the chance for my words
To touch the ears of the world
Is the opportunity to take
The life I have left in my hands
And cast it into the sky
And let it turn someone else's clouds white.