If 'Melody' were a published novel this is what the (new & improved) back would say

Meet Melody Saunders, heartbreaker and maneater extraordinaire. Gorgeous and mysterious she'll steal any boy's heart and toss it away once she's sick of him. But, like most people, there's more to it than that.

In reality she's looking for someone to love her, someone who understands her. Melody goes through life with her ears blocked. She listens to music non-stop and blocks out the noise of the real world. The irony of her name doesn't escape her. She lives in a dreamland of music and voices that aren't really there, until him.

One day the past comes back to haunt her. What's Matt DePalo doing back in Beachside of all places? And what does he want with Melody? They were done, so long ago Melody can barely recognize him. But he's there alright. Unfortunately this little boy turned hott musician makes her feel something beyond the music; something that makes her feel sick and wonderful all at once. But he's letting out secrets she never wanted released. Will she be able to let go and let him in? Or will he end up like all the other guys? Just another flavor of the month.