Line the walls fly eyes

And take a look at the surprise

I am awake

And who are you, pretty boy? Are you in love with the pretty girl? Do you want to give her pretty kisses on her pretty cheek?

I messed up my heart again

And now there's nothing I can do

And it's all because of November

Hold me like your keeping me from drowning

You're keeping me from drowning

The stroke of midnight

He strokes your back

Do you love him?

I am awake

Am I worth while?

When I'm with you?

Come with me, hold my hand, close your eyes, cover year ears, and run

Run with me

Make me better

Make me fine

Am I really so foolish that I would break the one I call my truest?

I am awake

I am dreaming

The heats too hot, I can't breath

I can't take it

I can't take you

Am I real?

I got all twisted around myself again today. I coiled around my body and forgot to breath and see straight. I got so fucking mad that I ran a metal compass down my back for the pain. It didn't bleed. My guts got all twisted and I wanted to stop breathing, but I kept on doing it. Why can't I ever be good enough...