The world is chocking on itself, and the children have woken up.

But who are we?

Who am I, who are you?

Do you matter at all, are you loved?

If someone called to you, would she have a sweet voice, that would run down your back like honey?

Or would the air sit in silence and let you rot, in the lack of oxygen?

Hovering over a rock cliff that you can't see the bottom of, because you can never see the bottom, of love, life, death, justice, revenge, pain, falling.

Are we there yet?



If I expose my wrist to you will you taste me, for real this time?

Who forgot to hug you?

Who forgot to love you?

Did they forget about you?

Because it looks like they did…

Will no one take you home tonight?

Left with the night light street lights as your moonshine

You are this something I can't remember very well … you're familiar, your taste, your smell, please tell me, who are you?

Do I know you?

Does your face hover at the edge of my memories where we sat on an abandoned beach holding hands listening to the wave's crash over themselves?

If I licked the underside of your tongue, would I know you then?

I know you, don't I?

…Please…tell me the truth…are you…are…

Are you… my shadow?