Bo was a rookie detective who had only been on the job for 3 months. She admired a fellow senior detective Teri Wills since the first moment of her early years as a patrol officer. Teri gave a presentation on applying to become a detective. Teri other wise never knew Bo existed until Bo got assigned to her team and as her replacement partner.

Over the course of a week they worked on a case and Bo tried desperately to get to know Teri personally. But all Teri would talk about was the job, never went out for drinks always preferred to stay back and finish paperwork. Teri didn't respond to any of Bo's efforts

They were both on night surveillance waiting on a known felon to return to his crib. Bo and Teri had been watching the place already for 2 hours. Bo hadn't stopped eating for all that time

Teri looks over at Bo "you always eat this much during stakeouts"

Bo shrugged "I get hungry when I'm doing nothing. I mean its hours since we had a meal and oh did you want something to eat I have more."

Teri's eyes went back to watching the street "na I'll pass. I guess when you get nervous you just talk without taking a breath too" she glances back at Bo who had blushed

"eer I guess"

"well what are you so nervous about" looking into her eyes. Oh I know…"

Bo blushed brighter, thinking it was so obvious to Teri

"Look don't worry about Jonas. He might be big but he's stupid. He doesn't usually carry a piece but still search him anyways."

Bo nodded and relaxed, glad that her signals were miss-read.

"I know" said Bo

Teri looks at her again and smiles "I know…it's just been a while since I've had a rookie" Teri blushed and stuttered "I mean since I've worked with one"

Bo grinned and sensed a return attraction happening. "I know what you meant Teri"

Teri leans across Bo and was taken by surprise when Bo kissed her awkwardly.

Bo hears sound of the glovebox click and sits back. Teri removes her gun and checks the magazine for bullets before putting it in her holster. She looks over at a stunned Bo

Bo blushed brightly again unsure what signals Teri was sending her "Oh I'm sorry."

"forget it" growls Teri

"no…god this must happen all the time to you"

Teri clicks her tongue "nope…. Most rookies have respect for me."

Bo felt like she wanted to run from the car

"Ok we're on, wait till he gets inside" orders Teri

Bo watches Jonas move into the building and they both get from the car and walk slowly to the entrance.

They headed upstairs and Teri draws her gun as she gets on the landing. She moves closer to Jonas's door and looks at Bo. She too had drawn her gun and moved to the other side of the door, out of view of the peep hole

Teri puts gun away and knocks on door but no answer "ahhhh hello I've found a wallet outside your door, eeerrr and it has no ID in it, but there is money" she lied.

They both heard click of the door and Bo backs up a little, gun still drawn and ready. The door opens to the chain lock "Yer its mine hand it back" he puts his arm thru the door.

Teri with one almighty kick breaks the door open then stumbles. Bo steps aside of Teri and chases down Jonas as he rushes back. Bo struggles with Jonas who throws Bo to the ground and punches her in the face hard. He raises his fist but is quickly dragged and thrown to the wall hard.

Bo gets up and wipes blood from her face. Terri roughly searches Jonas, he struggles and curses at her. She turns him around and punches him across the face with her gun. "I told you to shut the fuck up."

Teri lands another punch to his stomach "and that's for assaulting my slow, slack ass rookie" and looks at Bo in disgust.

Bo felt embarrassed and walked over Jonas, cuffing him. He rolled over and laughed at Bo…."she got you good rookie" said Jonas

"shut up" growled Bo

Teri went into Jonas's bedroom and called the rookie in closing the door

"this is why I don't work with rookies they always have a habit of nearly getting me killed" she hissed

"Hey now wait a minute it wasn't me kicking in the door. Nobody kicks doors in these days. I couldn't help you stumbled I just wanted to get to him before he got to a gun."

"so you blaming me, someone whose been on the force for over 10 years. You rookie telling me how to do my job are you." Getting in Bo's face

"I….well" started Bo

"what…I'm listening Bo." Teri inches closer to Bo's face

"I….ah damn you" Bo grabs Teri's face and launches her lips across Teri's. The force surprising Teri but she didn't fend her off and took the kiss.

Teri moved her lips to Bo's neck trailing them down. Bo's mind wandered as her fantasy was finally becoming reality. She was bought back when Teri's hands where removing her jacket.

"we don't have much time" encourages Teri

Teri removed each layer of her clothes and folded it meticulously while Bo was in a heap on the floor.

They embraced on Jonas's bed striving for equal dominance. Teri stronger pins Bo down and uses her knees to spread Bo wide. Bo head dropped back onto the pillow as Teri started stroking her slowly and deeply. A slight groan left Bo's lips

"shhh" warns Teri "you don't want Jonas thinking we doing something illegal in here" and laughs. She drops down and licks Bo's neck.

The thought of doing this only heighten Bo's excitement. Teri lips suckled Bo's nipple as her finger penetrates Bo. Bo bucked from the sensation and within minutes Bo climaxed.

Teri moved off Bo and reached for her clothes. Bo having other ideas grabbed Terri and pulled her back, forcing her down on the bed and kissing her. Teri hesitant at first gave in and kissed her. Bo started moving down and Teri said "no…Bo I don't"

Bo was already licking the inside of Teri's folds. Teri collapsed back and cried out loudly. Bo lapped up Teri's free flowing juices, tasting her mentor. Teri succumbs to her orgasm.

The quickly dressed and took Jonas in

At the station Teri dragged Jonas in and handed him to an officer. "book this guy and put it down as Bo Young's collar. Teri looked at Bo…. "You did good tonight rookie" and left.

Bo relaxed back on the toilet after she finished masturbating. The rush of Teri build up sexual tension Bo needed to release. She was about to leave when she heard voices come into the bathroom. One she recognised as Teri. Bo picked her feet up and onto the toilet seat.

There was a pause followed by click of the bathroom latch.

"So was I right" asked a woman's voice

Teri laughs "yeh you were right Tanya"

"Damn why do all the rookies have crushes on you. So did she put out?" asked Tanya

Bo heard silence but felt like her heart beat could be heard

"Oh my god, they always put out for you" laughs Tanya

Bo was feeling embarrassed, humiliated by the person she admired mostly

"so in the back of the car as usual" asked Tanya

"na getting sick of feeling uncomfortable, so we did it in Jonas's bed"

"oh my god no way. So was she good" asked Tanya

"eeerrr yeh I guess…. She didn't take long"

"oh that's cos you're so good." laughed Tanya

Bo wanted to storm out, she wanted to thump them both, but instead silent tears gathered

"So did she with you" asked Tanya

"Tanya you know I never let my rookies have a crack. Keeps them keen" laughes Teri

Bo eyes flashed up at the liar on the other side. She then waited for them to leave.

Bo tidied her self up and headed back into the precinct office. She saw Teri and Tanya talking but stopped when Bo approached.

"here she is" announces Teri "this girl has the making of a great detective" she announces to the small crowd of offiicers.

"and I bet she's working real hard on that" states Tanya

Bo felt her dignity slipping and stared down Teri

"what's wrong Bo… come on tell everyone how it was

Bo went to say something but instead landed her fist across Teri knocking her off the desk. Bo leaned over Teri on the floor

"how it was…I'll tell you… I was better than ok… I am the best fucking rookie you've ever had"

Teri didn't move, she was blushing

"You know why I'm the best rookie….because I'm the only rookie that's ever gone down on you Teri, and I'm the only rookie you've ever begged to stop.

Bo kicks her chair out and sits down working on finishing her paperwork

Only the laughs of Jonas filled the air "she got you good old woman, the rookie fucked you gooooood"

The end