This is only sanity when you walk away,
when you turn your face from a deeper side of irony.
I've yet to sense the best of me.
If a hero turned into a crime
where would he be to change the time
it takes to save ourselves
before we lose our minds to our own lives?

How do we learn to close our eyes to open doors?
Blackened nights, missed opportunities,
burning shadows in a realm of forgotten time.
There is no such thing as tomorrow,
there is only never, only never.

And when these limbs take me away to certain broken situations,
does my face turn straight away from the sun?
Please remind me, I've forgotten how to turn a heart away
from rotten minds set on display
for us to swear into our homes.

And when the stars go blind, I'll take the time
to remember to forget again that nothing goes right
within the decency in pretending everything will be okay.
So as the black is replaced by red,
in a bottomless wound where I bled
to close my eyes and make it go away
until another sorry day.