In the Beginning Most everyone has a family; some people might be unaware just how good family really is. No one is deprived of a family, or simply cut from the family. Family is something everyone should cherish because it can be taken from you… and it will. Past the meadow and down the plain is a fairly large town called Treno. Treno is located in the south. How south you may ask, Georgia south. It is home to 250,000 people, and most are of the upper-middle class to upper class. One upper-class family in particular is named the Washingtons. Not only are they one of the richest families in Treno, number 3 landowner in the United States, and live in a six hundred million dollar custom build mansion. They are black. Treno was one of the busiest slave auctioning sites in the United States during the Civil War. The KKK's headquarters were located in Treno for 40 years since 1966, but on the day of Martin Luther King. JR's death there was an uprising. The African American community burned down the headquarters and killed every last KKK member that was in the building. During the years Treno was victim to many of these uprisings.

A predominantly white city became a land of prosper for African Americans everywhere in the United States. The Washingtons, which was a fairly large family, looked after the vacant farms that the white community had left unattained. Now you could call it stealing or you could call it looking out for their best interest. The Washingtons owned 83 present of all fertile cropland, which was seven-hundred thousand acres. The rest of the African American community owned the remaining 17 present. The Washingtons did not give away one acre. The workers of the Washington farms were told to shoot anyone that trespassed on the land. Throughout the years the Washingtons were looked as the white people that treated the blacks so bad. The majority of the horrible treatment was aimed at a man named Jimmy James Washington. Jimmy was a drunk that almost drove the Washington Empire into the ground, but during the very end of the depression built it back up and made it better than it was. Jimmy was the valedictorian at Howard, and later met a young girl by the name of Linda Berry Elizabeth, which became his wife.

He had two boys named Franklin Daray Washington, and Otto Washington, two very successful men, with 2 very intelligent wives. Samantha Murrie Watkins was married to Otto at age 23. Samantha was born in Texas and went to school at Harvard where she graduated 2nd in her class. Samantha had a strong southern accent. The Watkins were a military family. When Samantha refused to go into the military she was automatically cut off from her parents, and was not even mentioned in the will. Her brother showed remorse and got her through college, and decided to split everything with her. Her brother died of diabetes. Samantha moved to Treno during the post African American uprisings and met Jimmy in a bar on the west side of town on a fall night, the first of October. They had a boy named Hans Eric Washington. Samantha was white. Franklin went to MIT and majored in Chemistry and Geology. On one of his walk-abouts he met a girl by the name of Jennie Gerald Johnson, an African American that came from very poor beginnings. She was always taught by her overbearing mother to do what ever is necessary to make it in this world. She struck gold when she found Franklin in a coffee shop in the middle of Baltimore Maryland. They had 5 children and are expecting another one in 9 months. Jennie and Samantha never liked each other and became bitter acquaintances woven together by the burden of family. Jennie prefers to be called Sister Woman. Franklin spoiled his children, spoiled them rotten that is. In the year 1998 Jimmy was diagnosed with a very rare disease that attacked his heart. He would die in 8 years on a fall night at the age of 81. When the family got word of Jimmy's death, a battle for the land soon sprouted. Sister Woman and Samantha were locked in combat. Eight years later Jimmy went back to the doctor.

The doctor said Jimmy would live…he lied.

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