6 years earlier

"Good morning Hun," said Samantha "Sleep well?"

"Yes I did, but good sleep won't save me from my folks."

"What's so bad about them," asked Samantha "They are happy for us both, well you more, but I think I will enjoy myself on this lovely two week walk-about with you at your parents house.

"I'm just happy that I finally found the right woman in my life." said Otto while sitting up in bed.

"Otto, I found you in a bar stoned drunk, and I offered you a ride." said Samantha.

"And that sparked a brilliant relationship, which turned out to be more than just anything I had ever experienced," said Otto calmly "My parents will love you hell, you're my wife."

"Your brother is coming right, that means I get to met his wife," said Samantha in enjoyment. "What's she like anyhow?"

"Sister Woman, she is a piece-of-work, and a gold digger." said Otto

"What's her ethnicity?" asked Samantha. Otto took a long hard look at his wife and took and even harder breath.

"She is African American," replied Otto.

"Hun" said Samantha in anguish.

"This isn't a contest Samantha, and besides who cares what they think," said Otto in encouragement. You're number one in my book Sug. Another long moment of Samantha and Otto just looking at one another in compassion was followed with a uncomfortable silence.

"Hun," said Samantha while she put her head onto Otto shoulder. Otto put his hands around Samantha. "Do your parents know that I'm white?" Otto tightened his grip on his wife, and paused.

"Like I said Sug this isn't a contest." said Otto in disappointment.

"Oh Hun," said Samantha. She now tightened her grip around her husband. "How will your parents take this?"

"Parent actually, my mother was born in Virginia, so she shouldn't have a problem with you," said Otto. "Now my Father might have some issues, but nothing too serious."

"Hun, I know these are your parents, but I won't take no disrespect from no one," said Samantha with her heavy southern accent.

"It will be fine," Said Otto "You're my wife, and never forget it."

It was a 5-hour drive to Jimmy's house. Otto and Samantha rode through lush green hilly areas of the countryside. Otto was right about their relationship; it was brilliant and showed. His wife was a beautiful brunet with a full figure of an African American. Hell Otto considered her black. Not only did she seem to bring out the best in people, but she was also a good listener and had a keen sense of hearing. She picked up sound like radar. Otto was a recovering alcoholic, and a star athlete back in collage. Once Otto picked up the bottle, he went into a downward spiral. Samantha was the best thing that walked into his life.

Washington Manor was on top of a hill over looking the farms. Along the hill was a tree line that led into the main driveway. Along the road were field hands that stopped working to look at the white diamond Cadillac, but they were really looking at Otto.

"Hun, do you notice something here" began Samantha. Otto looked around through the windshield and out into the farm. "These workers are all white."

"Near the end of the uprisings a portion of the black community wanted a portion of the farm that the white community left behind. My grandfather said no, and that sparked a bit-of-a rage. My family has been shunned ever since then," said Otto in calm discomfort.

Samantha just looked at Otto in disbelief, but she didn't want to say that your grandfather stole this land. She knew it would upset him. "So why have all white workers?" said Samantha. "Doesn't the saying go, help a brother out?"

Otto laughed, stopped the car, and turned his head to Samantha. "After it was official when the farm was my granddad's, he said, "if any of you Sons-of-Niger's step on my property I'll shoot you for trespassing." My grandfather was a man of principle and loyal. No one in the black community ever showed him that and for some odd reason he also said to always let the white man handles your business. Yes he did let African Americans work on the farms but after a couple of years of hard labor, they got lazy on him. So he fired them, and brought in the whites," said Otto. Otto then started driving again.

"Wooooooooow Hun," said Samantha. "Then he'll really like me/"

Otto and Samantha rolled up into the driveway, got out of the car, and walked up to the door.

"Ok, this is it," said Otto. Samantha didn't say anything, only half smiled. Otto rang the doorbell and then a tall muscular white man wearing a suit answered the door.

"Hello Master Otto. How are you on this fine evening?" said Rick.

"We're fine Rick. How are you?" said Otto.

"Fine as well. Your bags will be taken to your room," said Rick. A short woman appeared in a dress lightly pushed Rick out the way. Otto's mother.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh my lord look at my boy. Otto how have you been?" said Linda while hugging Otto. "Where's that woman of yours?"

"Hello Mom, Samantha is right here." said Otto as he uncovered Samantha with his body.

"Good evening ma'am," said Samantha as she extended her hand for a handshake in with her southern accent.

"Samantha in this family we don't shake hands, we hug," said Linda with enjoyment. Samantha hugged back with relief. "Come on inside y'all. Fredrick and his wife are here," said Linda.

Otto and Samantha walked inside and saw all of the art and rugs that the house had inside, almost like a museum. Everything was opened up in this house. The house inside seemed to be 4 times bigger then the house outside. Linda had given the grand tour of the house then walked them to the dinning room. Inside the dinning room was Jimmy, Fredrick and, Sister woman talking about politics and sports. Linda had retreated to the kitchen. When Jimmy, Fredrick and Sister woman saw Otto standing next to Samantha the room got silent. Otto broke that silence.

"Hi everyone, I would like you to met my wife," said Otto. The room got quiet and all eyes were on Samantha. Linda welcomed Samantha with opened arms, but it would be Jimmy to decide if she could even stay in his house. A solid minute went by and it was Jimmy that broke the ice this time.

"Good to see you boy, how have you been?" said Jimmy. Jimmy talked with a raspy commanding voice that he had developed when talking to his field hands.

"I'm just great Dad, I'm married, I'm doing well, and I'm here with my family." Said Otto.

"That's Otto for you, the eternal optimist," said Sister woman.

"Well Sister woman in my world you're either a optimist or a defeatist," replied Otto with a little luster.

"Well Otto, it's a good thing we don't live in your world," belted back Sister woman while sharing a laugh with the family. "So, who might you be?"

Samantha paid no attention to Sister woman and turned directly to Jimmy. "Hello Jimmy. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance," said Samantha with a smile.

"Samantha is it," said Jimmy

"Yes sir," replied Samantha.

"Sit down you two, and have some tea. Samantha may I speak frank with you." Said Jimmy.

"Of course sir." Said Samantha as she sat down.

"One stop calling me sir! I'm 75 and I don't need to be called sir to remind me of how old I am, and only the field hands can call me sir!" Thundered Jimmy.

"Alright, Jimmy," said Samantha hesitantly.

"I'm not finished," yelled Jimmy. "Two I don't like the name SAMANTHA. I think the name SAMANTHA is a bullshit name. I don't like it, so I'm going to call you Sam.

"That's perfectly fine Jimmy," said Sam.

"I'M STILL NOT FINISHED!" hollered Jimmy. This entire time Sister woman was laughing at Sam. "What in the hell is the matter with you woman, what's so funny?" asked Jimmy.

"Nothing Jimmy," said Sister woman. At this time Sam was glaring at Sister woman, and Sister woman was smiling right back.

"Where was I?" said Jimmy calmly as he tried and regained his thoughts. "Oh, AND THREE, would you please pass the sugar?" Asked Jimmy.

"Here you are Jimmy," Said Sam. "I don't have a problem with Sam, in fact, they used to call me that back home."

"And just were is home," Asked Sister woman "You sound of someone from the south.

"Very good, and yes I come from the south, as south as Texas," replied Sam proudly.

"Ohhhh, Otto has a southern bell," said Sister woman in a mocking southern tone.

"And just where is home for you?" asked Sam.

"Home is where the heart is, and my heart is with Fredrick," said Sister woman innocently. This entire time Fredrick said nothing. All he could think about was when food was coming. Fredrick loved his younger brother Otto, but never showed it. Fredrick only said few words.

"I'm glad we have met Samantha. I look forward to spending more time with you," said Fredrick in a low voice.

"IT'S SAM DAMNIT," yelled Jimmy. "I make the rules in this house. WHERE IS THAT DINNER WOMAN?" asked Jimmy in his commanding voice.

"Hang on Jimmy," Linda yelled back.

Sister woman quickly grew tired of all of the attention focused on Sam. "Ohh Otto, it's a shame you're dating light now," said Sister woman with a smile. Jimmy was suddenly interested in this conversation, and how it would turn out. Sam had just about enough of Sister woman, so she stood her ground.

"Well Sister woman, if I may call you Sister woman," asked Sam.

"You may," replied Sister woman in curiosity.

"Well Sister woman, it's like chocolate. The lighter the chocolate the sweeter it is," said Sam in her southern voice with a smile. This time it was Sister woman who was glaring.

"HaHaaHaHaaHAHAAHAHAA," laughed Jimmy. "I like you Sam, you have wit, and not many people have wit.

"Dinner is served," said Linda.

After the dinner Jimmy took Otto and Fredrick into the sitting area of the house, while Linda took Sisterwoman and Sam out onto the farm.

"Otto, that woman you got is some kind of pistol," said Jimmy while sipping on some brandy. "Fredrick, your wife is a blood sucking leach. I don't expect her to survive the week, but I do approve of her staying here. Otto, your wife has got to go. She is a pistol, but you can't control a woman like that. I expect her to leave tonight."

"Dad, my wife is a strong woman who was raised by her brother. You don't know the whole story of why she is this way, and I think you should give her a second chance," said Otto in a low voice.

"Son, there is better chance of Jesus walking through that door right," said Jimmy while pointing to the door.

"Would you just look at that farm?" said Linda in a low voice. "Have you ever seen such a treasure?"

"I don't want to be a pain, but can we go inside?" said Sister woman. "These bugs are attracted to my perfume."

"Well you shouldn't have worn perfume, and just who are you trying to impress?" said Linda in an iritated mood while looking at Sam. "Some times I just don't understand this girl Sam, what do you think of the farm?"

Sam looked around and saw the white workers and remembered her husband's words. "I can't tell you how I feel, it would upset you," said Sam. "But I'm happy I'm here with you wonderful people."

At this time Sister woman had rolled her eyes. Linda saw it but said nothing out loud, only in her mind. "Your day is coming, your day is coming," she thought. Linda, Sister woman, and Sam all went back inside the house only leaving the workers behind. "Well it is getting late. Let's all go to bed."

"That sounds like a great idea Linda, but there is just one problem," thundered Jimmy as he turned and pointed to Sam. "She has got to go."

"Go?" questioned Sam. "That's fine Jimmy, Otto. I'll be waiting in the car."

"No, Otto stays, you go," said Jimmy slowly with a smile. "It's a shame he brought a white woman, a southern white woman in my humble home."

"I don't appreciate the way you are talking to my wife Jimmy!" said Otto.

"This is my house, boy and I make the rules. So when you get a house of your own you can make your own goddamn rules," yelled Jimmy. "Now you get the hell out of my house, or I'll throw you out. "At this time Otto had clinched his fists and was ready for a fight, but Fredrick put a hand on his shoulder to try and calm him down.

"Jimmy James Washington, you will not put one hand on me!" yelled Sam in her southern accent.

"This is my house and I do what I want." Jimmy yelled back while extending his hand. Sam saw Jimmy about to grab her, so she stepped to the side and slapped him in the face. There was a pause, a moment where time literally stood still. A young white southern girl had slapped the richest black man in America.

"You've never had to work a day in your life. All you white people have had everything handed to you. You have never known what it means to struggle, to fight even though you know you're going to lose. So what do you do, you keep living another day. I've gotten where I was because I made the right decisions in life and because I worked at it," said Jimmy. "All you are is just rich white trash.

"Mr. Washington, you are a hypocrite," said Sam plainly. Jimmy had raised an eyebrow. "When this land became your grandfather's he didn't share one acre with the African American community. He also said he would shoot anyone for trespassing. You haven't even given away one acre, and don't you talk to me about how everything is handed to whites. My parents wanted me to go into the military and I refused, so I was kicked out at the age of sixteen. My brother left with me and supported me through college. My parents didn't even include me in their will," said Sam sadly.

"And we care why?" asked Sister woman while laughing.

Linda turned to Sister woman. "Oh will you just shut the fuck up," said Linda quickly in a tired voice. Jimmy raised his second eyebrow and cocked his head back.

"Where's your brother now?" asked Jimmy calmly

"He's dead Mr. Washington," replied Sam. Jimmy was disgusted with himself and had lowered his head slightly. The rock hard Jimmy Washington was only a shell of his former self that was shown tonight. "Otto, I'll be waiting in the car."

"Now you just wait one moment. If Otto is staying here then you should stay here. Goodnight you Sons-of-Bitches," said Jimmy as he walked upstairs.

"Good night Mr. Washington," said Sam firmly. It was on that night that Otto was most proud of his wife, it was on that night Linda had said the F-word, and it was on that night that Jimmy had found a friend.