The dorm was the sound of sleeping girls. Alex eyes wide open sits up and goes to her foot locker. She pulls out something and puts it into the back of her pants and leaves the room quietly

She carefully and quietly opens the window to a cabin and slips inside. She moves slowly leaning up against the wall. She peers around and sees the sleeping person.

Alex slips down onto her stomach. She removes her hunting knife from its cover that was stored in the back of her pants and holds it between her teeth. She crawls quietly towards the bed and the sleep occupant. She listens to the breathing person and quickly springs on top, a hand over the mouth and the knife held to the throat.

Burke's eyes open wide and fixes on Alex with surprise.

"Not so tough now… not so clever." Hissed Alex through gritted teeth. "I may be not be a good soldier but I managed to get to you. You didn't hear a fucking thing" her hatred spitting over Burke.

Burke feeling the cool steel blade against her didn't dare move

Alex takes a sharp breath "I can't go back to gaol, I won't let you send me back" Alex shakes and raises the knife into the air above Burke.

Burke closes her eyes and Alex brings the knife down hard.

Burke opens her eyes and looks over to the bedside table, jammed firmly in it was Alex's knife. She looked up at Alex who was still shaking.

Alex looked down on Burke not sure what to do next.

Burke felt sensation ripple through her, she half sat and looked into Alex's eyes. She quickly wrapped a hand around the back of Alex's neck and pulled her hard until their lips met. Burke forced her tongue deeply into Alex mouth, exploring her. A slight groan left Alex who didn't fight back Burke's counter attack.

Alex moves from Burke's lips onto her neck kissing down, nuzzling into her. Burke lay back down and pulled Alex still kissing her passionately, her body in need of satisfying, her fear turned quickly to arousal.

Alex sat back up, still straddling her sergeant, Alex lets her hand caresses up and down her body, tugging Burke's shirt free from her pants.

Burkes expression had softened as her hips lifted slightly.

Alex takes her knife from its wedged state and lowers the flat side down along Burke's chest, moving it until it reaches the base of her night shirt. Burke watched intensely at what her soldier was going to do next, still uncertain of Jones's full intentions.

Alex grabs Burke's shirt and nicks it with her knife, then like butter being spread she let it slide up splitting the shirt in two, her breast released. Burke caught her breath as she felt the cool flat steel rub across her chest, flattening over her breasts. Burke feeling tortured sexually still didn't move fearing one slip could give her unwarranted mastectomy

Alex put the knife back on bedside table and lowered down kissing Burke's chest, moving down until she devoured one of Burke's voluptuous breasts, suckling at the nipple greedily.

Burke let a slight moan slip as she felt other areas of her body igniting.

Alex licked at Burke's stomach before dragging back to the other breast. Her hand starts to move between Burke's legs when Alex sat up immediately.

Alex froze when reality hit, she's gone from wanting to kill her sergeant to sexually assaulting her. Alex started to stutter then looked at the door for a quick exit.

Burke read her Private's thoughts but wasn't going to let her soldier leave just yet.

"Don't you dare think about leaving Jones" she hissed

Alex looked stunned "ummm"

"A court-marshal would be the least of your problems if you step out this room without completing your mission." She warned

Jones nodded in acknowledgement and resumed down kissing and licking to Burke's waist, slowly tugging off the pants leaving her fully exposed. Alex swallowed nervously as she ran her fingers through Burke's dark hair.

Burke lets out a hiss as she feels Jones part her juicy lips and sink down between her.

Alex licked around, taking in all she could. Alex parted her lips wider and sinks her tongue at Burke's opening

Burke finally released a sound of approval and placed a hand on Alex's head.

Alex had now found her sergeants weakness and let her tongue move over Burke's opening.

Burke let a whimper of frustration.

Alex reached for her knife and Burke became nervous all over again. Burke watched the knife and finally relaxes back down as she saw Alex licking the rounded handle of her knife. Burke instinctively widened her legs.

Alex pushes the handle into Burke slowly allowing her a moment to adjust. Burke accommodates most of its length easily.

Burke grasped the sheets either side of her bed, panting each time Alex pushed the handle in. Her toes curling each time the thrust went deeper.

Burkes started to tremble and spoke "More" her voice wavering as her climaxed neared

Alex held the knife handle deep inside and opened up Burke's wet lips. Alex presses against her swollen clit, trapping and flicking it with her tongue. She could feel Burke giving in and applied more pressure.

Burke bucked up into Alex, a slight cry escaping Burke as her orgasm was freed.

Alex carefully removed the knife handle from Burke and returned it too the bed side table. She could feel Burke pulling her up and moved up next to. Burke was still breathing heavily, body still shuddering.

Burke's voice trembling slightly "you did good Jones"

Jones rested her head on Burke's shoulder, aware that it was the first compliment she had received from her sergeant. Alex felt something firmly trapping her to Burke's body but her thoughts dissolved to nothing more.

Alex was gently being shaken "Jones….wake up…"

Alex murmured, she felt something press to her ear

"Alex you have to go."

Alex eyes flickered open to the sound of her name and sat upright. Burke was still lying on her back, shirt torn apart. She looked over at the clock reading 4:20am. She looked back at Burke who seemed quite calm.

"you need to go now" re-affirmed Burke

"oh ok…. Yess maam" picks up her knife and leaves sergeant Burke's quarters.

Back in the dorm Alex puts the knife away and collapses onto her bed, closing her eyes for a moment.

"Alex get up, come on you'll get it" a voice yells at her

Alex groans and feels Jo pulling her to get up. Jo looks at her "jeezus you look like shit, when did you fall asleep in your uniform.

"I ummm" still asleep "dressed"

"forget it Alex no time cmon" she drags Alex who stumbles as they scramble outside

The troops line up with Burke pacing up and down until they all were present.


"NO MAAM" yelled back the girls

Alex trying to desperately to keep her eyes open. Jo elbows her awake causing Alex to briefly stagger off balance. Burke walks up to Alex

"Is there any particular reason why you are out of formation Private Jones."

Alex stepped back dare not looking at Burke "umm no maam" she says lightly

"I can't hear you Private Jones."


Burke looks over Jones. "Your uniform is a disgrace Jones. It looks like you've been sleeping in it."

"I …I" Alex couldn't say a thing, it was the first time the sergeant had ever intimidated her.

"I will try and do better" she offers

Burke's eyebrow rose "well that's good to know, now down and give me 50 Jones"

Alex grimaced and got down for push ups. She was so exhausted, finding it near impossible to lift her own body off the ground.

"On your feet Jones" called Burke

Alex collapsed at first then got to her feet. She looked out corner of her eye noticing the rest had been dismissed and her sergeant was pacing. Burke returned and Alex turned her eyes to the front sensing the awkwardness.

"Jones" started Burke

"Yes maam" replied Alex

Burke lowered her tone "you look like hell Private"

"Yes maam" still not meeting Burke's intense stare.

"Jones…." Paused Burke "get some rest and I will see you at target practice this afternoon"

"I'm fine maam" defiant Alex

A smirk appeared on Burkes lips "you're a liar Jones…. And not a very good one either"

Alex tried to hold her grin "Yes maam" she lightened her tone

"You are ordered back to your kennel Jones until this afternoon do I make myself clear"

"yes maam" replies Alex


Alex salutes and turns to leave

"oh one more thing Jones"

Alex half turns "yes sergeant"

"tonight…….bring your pistol"

Alex smirks "yesss maaam" she replies and heads off to bed.

The end