We took day for granted in the mystery of night

With notions of each other and wanton insight

And he of taste, of redolence so sweet

Could enrapture the hoar of sorrow deep

Though weathered and torn from eternal sight.


He drank the innocence of sweeping breath

Defiled in luxury, avowed to death

While his satin strides and disgraceful tongue

Where from rows of remontant whispers hung;

A vermeil kiss spilled from pallid depth.


When midnight came and the niveous sun

Crept into the memory of a life undone

I savored each gasp, the promises and threats

Of the lies we wove between sunsets

And the alluring passions of romance, begun…


How struck and bereaved I had come to be

When my eventide sire had forsaken me

As a luminous wraith to deliquesce

With only the rue of his sweet caress

In radiance naught more than atrocity.