Bad Laughter is sitting on my tongue
retching up all the hate
Bad Laughter is laying in the sun
turning red with anger

Bitching like they've got a right
Angry and self-righteous, they
Dare to approach her (when she's already busy)

Languid, she stretches
Around his body
Underneath all the layers
Gasping in
Ecstasy, she
Reels him in

And Bad Laughter, she's a bitch (but not a slut)
her thorny voice will entangle and strangle
until you're Bad Laughter's latest fuck
and not a thing more

((so sorry)) she smiles a hyena's grin
((but you and i, we just don't mesh)) Bad Laughter's cackle
drives you away (though you miss the thorns digging into your skin)
(holding you captive)
And Bad Laughter
she enjoys every minute
of your bloody ((insane much?)) high pitched scream