to eat or not to eat,
is not the question.
the question is to what conflict
i have with sitting at this table
pretending to be so happy
when im not.
i'm fat.
it's the most obvious answer
and yet everyone else act
like im soo beautiful.
why can't they see
that my legs are too big
and that my nose is ugly.
i really hate this room though,
the kitchen,
reminds me of me.
how big and ugly
i am.
the rotting food waiting to
add more food.
i can take off a few pounds...
but why can't my family members
see that i hate this room.
i would rather be doing exercise
than having that 3000 calories
of carmel frappicino.
one of my friends
told me that
counting calories is stupid,
there's no point to it.
but she's wrong.
she truly
doesnt know how disgusting the kitchen is
how the food is not a feast.
and with the holiday
around the corner,
i have to make a show.
for u see the question isnt
whether to eat or not to eat.
it's the question of whether u understand me or not.
and i say u don't,
because i shall never step foot in that room.
but today should be a feast day for me,
i think that the banana looks good to eat...
it's going to be all that i eat,
so i could never go back into the kitchen.
can't u see that the kitchen reeks of problems.
oh, now i should check and make sure that i still look fat in the mirror.