I have to give any credit of this sounding good to my best friend Sam. She says mine is good – she just makes it better. :) Thank you.

Vampire's Story

Maria was running so fast she had no idea where she was. Her feet hit the pavement at a speed she previously thought of as impossible. Her lungs burned with every breath, but she knew she couldn't stop.

The thing chasing her showed no sign of slowing down. It had an unnatural grace compared to Maria's stumbling movements. She knew if this kept up much longer it would catch her.

She turned quickly into an alley, almost tripping over her own feet. Red eyes burned in her mind, propelling her to move faster through the dark. She came to a chain-link fence, and mentally kicked herself. She grabbed hold of the metal, hauling herself up to drop down on the other side.

Falling awkwardly, she took the moment to dare a glance back at the thing chasing her.

Bad idea. It hardly looked winded.

"Fuck" she breathed.

Upon first glance, it had just seemed as though she had bumped into a perfectly normal human being, though something had been off. She had glanced back to catch a hint of oddly tinted red eyes. He smiled at her, revealing a set of completely inhuman fangs glowing in the moonlight.

The scream which had been caught in her throat, now escaped to pierce through the night.

She watched in horror as he jumped, launching himself atop the fence, and smiling once again. How she could have mistaken his for human, she didn't know. He was lanky and graceful in a manner she'd never seen. Dressed in all black with a nearly unearthly glow.

Maria took off again, running as fast as her legs would take hers. She heard the thing hit the ground behind her. It gave her all the more reason to run faster.

Suddenly, Maria slipped on a wet spot, landing flat on her face and skidding along the ground. She struggled to get up but failed as she felt a cold hand on the back of her neck.

She spun around so fast it took her eyes a minute to focus. She gazed up into blood red eyes. They burned fury, hate, and lust. She franticly struggled, but it was no use. Its hands pressed her shoulders into the ground.

She screamed again, as she saw it bare its fangs and lower its head toward her neck.

She felt the fangs pierce her skin, and could feel the hot blood run from her veins. It pooled beneath her, and consciousness slipped away.


The vampire looked down at his kill, who was still bleeding out.

It had been necessary, he told himself.

At least his hunger was sated and would be okay. At least for a while.

He walked away slowly, crying silent tears for his slain victim.