Fake Sympathy

"Do you like yourself?"
"Do you hate yourself?"
"I don't know."
"You can tell me."
"No. I can't tell you.
I can't."

Don't break away from this grasp I hold on you
I don't think I can breathe much longer
It's like the air is choking me; it doesn't love me
But it doesn't matter; it never mattered
I've always been broken inside and still...
I break much more easily now because I feel you
Trying to help me, but I know that's it's nothing
Just fake sympathy; just fake sympathy
Just fake sympathy...

"Have you hurt yourself?"
"Have you wanted to?"
"I don't know."
"You can tell me."
"No. I can't tell you.
I can't."

Don't listen to my countless cries at night
It isn't fair to see you look upon me this way
I feel so battered, so broken and don't know why
Maybe because of how I've been so ignored
And I don't feel your eyes really on me
I don't hear your advice going through me
I don't want to have another person hurt me
With their fake sympathy; their fake sympathy
Their fake sympathy...

"What's wrong?"
"Are you lying?"
"Please tell me why."
"But I don't know why."
"I just don't know...
I'll never know."

Smiles that never meant anything
Words that pierced my breaking heart
To leave this pain, I'd do anything
It's tearing me apart

Talk to me... like you really understand
Look at me... like you see who I really am
I don't want to hide behind a mask anymore
I want to be someone different; who I've never been before
But I can't with all these lies holding me down
Beating, screaming, leaving me in the ground
Stop crying now, just stop crying now
I don't want to hear your fake sympathy

I don't want to feel fake sympathy...
I don't want to hear fake sympathy...
I want it to be real...
Real sympathy...
(But that's only in my dreams)

"Please... just tell me."
"I can't. Because I don't know why I hurt. I don't know why I cry. I don't know why I have these dreams. I don't know what's wrong with me. I just wish you understood..."
"I'm sorry."
"No. You're not."

Fake sympathy...