The Difference

By Leah Stephens, period 5

What is the difference between Shadow and Sunlight? Both hide many things. There is one that they conceal together. The tale I have to tell is of this strange secret, hidden from humankind for many millennia. A tale that everyone knows but that no one believes. The only Difference between our lives and theirs has been exactly the same since before Adam took his first breath. From the dark side of the moon, they watch us, our exact opposites. Shadow and Sunlight hide them from us.

In the highest tower in the deepest pit at the darkest point of the moon, there lives one boy. With a bow and single arrow, he waits for the cue to end all life. Patience is his virtue and an artificial heart beats in his cold chest. His girl, made of the dishonor, loads the cannon with jealous appetite. In her lust for the death of simple mortals, she turns a blind eye to everything else. Only her cannon, made of bones, and cannonballs, made of Death, exist to her… and the joys of everyone else. Her eyes a bright spring green (for spring is envious of both the warmth of the summer months and the bitter cold of the winter ones) make well-aimed shots that knock down the ones that think they are invincible.

Sunlight blinds the eyes, making the Shadow seem much darker. Shadow dims the eyes to make the sun that much brighter. Both trick us into seeing something that isn't there.

Under the tower, two young boys gossip like a pair of old women. They whisper of the secrets of the world below. Of broken hearts, murders, the surprise of a new baby.

In her tower, the jealous lady shouts to her lover. She speaks of one boy's big sister and how the other, his friend, had tried to steal a kiss from her.

Fireflies under the moonlight distract us from these secrets. The light of the sun is weakest at night. The fireflies carve deep holes into the trees - making them fall and crush homes. All of this is done because someone came too close to solving the enigma of the Shadow and Sunlight. For who could every dream that they could work together? They seem enemies to simple minds. In the dawn, the night dies, and come twilight, the sun faces its own demise.

The minions of the boy and lady in the tower, the Three Marlenas, race together through the eternal dark. Causing havoc and chaos is their specialty and every Blue Moon they take the long journey to our bedrooms and transform into the Monster under our bed or the Terror in the closet or the evil little Being that keeps us from opening a pickle jar. Adults and children alike are victims of their fun. They turn the Sandman from his peaceful job of passing out dreams to sending out sandstorms of nightmares. They are the Open Chanters that whisper into our leader's ear in the night, making them drunk with their own power and raising the red flag to anger their enemies.

Just like you never trust something hidden in the shadows, something in the brightest part of the sun should be feared. Does not the light deceive as much as the dark? Is anything seen better in the darkest hour of night than in the brightest hour of the sun?

Many say to the children that they have come of a certain age. Finally they are allowed to hear the shady secrets of the world. What seemed so dazzling to their eyes filled with childish innocence now only sees darkness. Now that their halcyon days are over, they drown in a puddle of respects while watching the procession of the lifeless blue babies, the children of the lady, go by.

Like someone laughing out loud hides the fear inside them, so does the sun during the day. Its brilliance represses prying eyes. Science may think it understands everything, but it has only touched the surface. Knowledge behind even their beliefs is hidden inside a mansion guarded with angels and a pearly gate.

Now that their secrets are out, letters to the wastelands of hope are hopeless. The day will come when the boy will loose his arrow. Flowers will bloom dead and humans in their prime will fall. So be shy of the moon while you can. Be delivered and live in peace.