Forever and yet never

The embodiment of our love

I love you

You love me

You must work, steady and stable

I must travel, my gypsy soul calls

You want children; you want a fancy job and a traditional home

I want to sing, live life in the parties and stage

We must part my love

We are the embodiment of forever and never

Years pass.

You have two girls, 14 and 17

A wife named Claire

Small house encaged by the picket fence

I fulfilled my dream

I sang, I sing

My music rocks the audience, and yet my mind never left you

Before I left with Dark Hearts, my band, you told me

"Live fast, love hard, Play with all the passion you bear"

And I did

For you

And I have returned to see you

You pull the door open

And stress has worn marks in your boyish face

You eyes have darkened and your hair grayed

But you pull me into a hug

And my heart beats like it did in high school

In middle school

In elementary school

When you looked at me

Then you pull away, and tell me that his daughter idolizes me

And that she would love to meet me

And that Claire, your wife, would too

And that you love her with every strand of your being

I am invited to stay for dinner

And stay I do. But not in my traditional wear

No leather, no tears, no black, no lace

And true enough the 17 year old idolized me

And I held great conversation with Claire

And when I leave you tell me

"You lived fast, you loved hard, and you played, by god you played. So keep going, and find yourself someone who will sell there soul to the devil if it means being with you"

And I realized I was no more then a sister now

And even though I did sell my soul for him

I was being pushed away like some un used doll.

But I saw in his eyes, he did love me

And he wanted me

But we were forever and never

We were not meant to be

And our love clashed like fire and ice

And that is the embodiment of forever and never romance.