At one point in my life, I found myself upon a path
For all life is is a journey
And things were wonderful and grand and completely lovely
I didn't know any better at the time
So I skipped along as happy as could be and I didn't even notice the storm coming
But come it did and there was nothing I could do except sit and be hounded by the rain
I was lost in the darkness, lost in the pain

I couldn't see a thing, but I knew there was nothing to see
It was just me, all alone in the dark
There were no lanterns, no flashlights, no raincoats and no umbrellas to be found
Just darkness and the sound of thunder in my ears
And so I stopped walking, stopped moving, and I ceased to live
After all, what was the point?

But one day I noticed a slight glimmer off to the side
Could it perhaps be…no I dare not think
Yet upon closer inspection it proved to be true
I had found a light

I had to protect it and shelter it and nurture it through
But nevertheless this little candle would burn
It was not so dark at all, not anymore
And so we walked on, my candle and I
I keep it from the rain and it keeps me from the dark
A wonderful partnership we have

Yet I know that the wick will burn down low and then the light will go out
For nothing can shine forever
And when it does the darkness will still be there
(I'm quite certain it will never go away)
But I will keep walking and I will keep searching
For one never knows when a torch will appear