It was an easy bet that any man could lose all sense of self inside the confines of a room such as his. The loose pipes dripping with dirty water down the now gray walls, overhead light flickering off and on for hours were enough to drive anyone insane with loneliness. The tattered man curled up his legs into his chest and shuddered at the thought of having to stay in such a place as this for much longer.

The eerie sounds of creaking doors outside of the room he had occupied for however long it had been made him press deeper into the cold sullied wall behind him. He couldn't recall the last time he had seen the sun, felt it rub his now sunken face with its warm light.

The lost man wished for soft grass and the feel of the wind rushing against his body as he leaned against a beautiful willow tree and read to himself. Only these thoughts kept him from ending it all, with the hopes that he could one day feel these things again. Few voices echoed within him anymore, each day that passed they grew faint, almost a whisper. Each one inside his mind was of a beautiful feminine voice calling out to him with joyous endearment. They tickled at his mind and taunted him, begging him to find them. Outside of the room, through the medium sized circular window he could see faint shadows pass by the door. The only visitors to venture into his room were the nurses who spoke no words toward him.

They arrived in all their white coated glory and injected a strange green liquid into his veins and left. The substance always turned off his body functions and brought upon nightmarish bouts of sleep. When he woke he prayed to never sleep again. He wouldn't call it an asylum or prison, it felt almost like he were a lab rat being poked and prodded. Whatever it could be he knew that something happened while he slept. When the chime like voice that visited him from time to time would vanish others appeared, like his little sister Annabel.

He had such vivid memories of her that bringing them up in his mind brought stains of tears to his eyes. He could still remember that warm summer day, her smiling up at him as they strolled through her favorite park eating ice cream. Annabel's curls bouncing as she ran after her hat that got caught up in the wind. His voice calling out playfully for her to be careful, "I will big brother!" she would call back with a huge grin on her face, small feet galloping off to collect her favorite cap. The memory distorted when it got to the point of his calling out her name over and over, losing sight of her. Before passing out from the injections he could hear shrill screams inside of his mind, drowning out the ones outside of his room. With a sigh he leaned to the left and fell against the flattened pillow on the bed.

Cold sweat trailed down all corners of his face as someone in the distance cried out for the pain to stop. It didn't help knowing he could be the next one to scream like the others. For the time being he would watch the movie that played over in his mind of those he loved die. It wasn't by choice that they came to him, it was the time he spent wondering about them and wishing that the thoughts weren't true. Some part of him felt though that maybe it was too late for them, too late for Annabel, to late for his lover Sarah, everyone. Too late for him…much too late for anyone in this hell…

Writer's Note: Small dribble...maybe it will turn into a new story sometime soon. Think of it as a prologue I guess lol This has been fixed and more added. 10-5-10