Hell Fire

By Storm December


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Summary: It was just a stupid report. A hypothetical theory of an experiment. It wasn't really suppose to work. But if it did work… It was suppose to be used for good.



PLANET: Azizanon

Galaxy: Paspertian

YEAR: 3069

LOCATION: The Vega Province

It was just a stupid report. A hypothetical theory of an experiment. It wasn't really suppose to work. But if it did work… It was suppose to be used for good.

What's the theory? Just various biodegradable matter, compacted together to form the shape of a sphere that has been highly tested and analyzed to make sure that the substances it's made of doesn't do more harm than good to the planet. When the ball is lit on fire in a safe filtering chamber it let's out a non toxic gas that is meant to break down the hazardous fumes and materials in the air filtering it and possibly helping save the ozone layer we're destroying just like our ancestors destroyed earths.

The big kicker about this sphere is that it never burns out. Once the ball is lit on fire the chamber helps it continuously regenerate itself from the earth and air around it. The filtering system of the chamber works in three ways, it filters the gas going out, the air coming in and the materials the ball brings inside to absorb. The chamber is equipped with an electronic chip that, among other thing, lets it know when the ball isn't letting off enough natural gases and needs to replenish itself. Not only that but thanks to the chip the ball and chamber can adapt to its environment. Meaning when it uses up all the resources around it that's needed to regenerate, it finds the materials somewhere else or uses something else of equal matter. In theory.

I wrote out the theory, formulas and everything needed for a high school report Mr. Kelson, the biology professor at my magnet school, assigned to get us thinking of ways to reverse the destruction to Azizanon and its atmosphere. When Mr. Kelson read my report he thought it could actually be done. So Mr. Kelson, a number of other students and I went to work trying on making my theory a reality. We were a team and we were brilliant. Some of the best minds of our school all working together on an experiment to save the world. We were gold. It's an amazing feeling working on, and seeing something you created and thought would never happen suddenly come to life. I named it 'Nightingale', because it never sleeps and the fire never dies.

Then they came.

The IBRA: Interplanetary Biological Research Association. A government organization supposedly designed to help forward the research on all things biologically beneficial. They said they were there to help, and we believed them. I mean after all this is something that could help save our world and many others. But apparently that's not what they were after. The government was in search of a new weapon, and we unwittingly gave it to them.


It started out fine at first, all of us working together. But when the project started nearing completion the IBRA started taking over more and more, and Mr. Kelson and our team began working on it less and less. Pretty soon everything pertaining to the 'Nightingale' project was restricted to us. Then my creation was no longer my own. Jimmy, one of the students on our team, and I are geniuses with computers, so we hacked into there systems and found out they were actually building silent bombs of sorts called 'Hell Fire's' using my design. But the thing was they didn't have a full understanding of how the 'Nightingale' worked so when they did there tampering and turned it into 'Hell Fire' they did something they couldn't even begin to fathom, and not only that, they were making explosive bombs using the same formula.

We couldn't very well tell them that we knew what they were doing, so we tried thwart there plans ourselves. We managed to get a hold of one of the 'Hell Fire' bombs, and we tried to figure out what exactly they did to it and how to stop it. But they did so much to it we didn't even know where to begin. They added all kinds of electronic memory to it, hazardous matter, self-detonation chips, changed the chamber from biologically save to dangerous indestructible and that's just what we could see and identify, but it didn't even nearly scratch the surface of all they did. We tried to reprogram the self-detonation chips but they were using technology we've never even heard of, let alone seen and knowing how it works. And for us to dissect it and figure it all out would have taken a great deal of time, and not to mention had the potential of doing more harm than good. So we just ran scans on the bomb and tried to figure out what we could.

Then we and our families started getting visits from government officials interrogating us about the 'Nightingale' project but making no mention of the 'Hell Fire' project. We soon realized that if there little plan for what ever they were doing with the bombs backfired on their asses, than they planed on using us as escape-goats, saying it was our doing. We already knew the bombs wouldn't work the way they wanted them to. So we came up with a plan and got it all ready so when the bombs when off and the dust settled, they wouldn't find hide nor hair of us. We left our families and our homes without telling them anything so when the government came knocking they wouldn't have to lie. We never stopped our research on trying to figure out how to stop the bombs with the one that we had, but in the end all attempts were futile.


When the bombs did go off they caused more destruction than even we imagined possible. The explosive bombs where the ones that killed a lot of people, but the 'Hell Fire' bombs did so much as hurt people but they did hurt our planet. So our world is now for the most part a dead zone. There is sparse vegetation and wild life left and the only things that weren't destroyed by the bombs were the marine life and the water because the water neutralized the gases. But it doesn't do that until after the bomb goes off, which is why we couldn't use it to destroy the bombs completely. Civilization rebuilt itself as best it could, but the 'Hell Fire' bombs still continue to poison Azizanon and its atmosphere, thanks to the IBRA for not taking out the regeneration programming. And the people who don't know the truth still blame us for what happen.

So our team and some of the stragglers we picked up along the way are our family now and we work together to stay alive and try to fix the disaster the IBRA caused. Even though most of society wants to see us dead for the bombings.

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