AN: This is entirely written in dialogue. I don't have character names before they speak, though. Hopefully you can keep track of who's who as you read. There's only two characters until the end. Please review:)

You will not believe what just happened!

Hello, Lucy. Nice to see you, too. I'm good, thanks. Do you mind shutting the door? It's a bit cold.

Oh, Maggie, I'm just so happy! How can you be so calm right now?

Because my life is obviously far more boring than your exciting one.

Will you stop reading that stupid magazine? Honestly, Maggie, I don't know where you came from. Reading's so, um-

Not as thrilling as everything you do? I've heard.


Hey! Just because I'm not giving you my complete attention doesn't mean you have the right to steal my stuff!

Well, you weren't listening to me, and I had asked. I only did what I had to. Besides, if you're going to read, at least read something interesting. I mean, National Geographic? It's so sciency and boring! And there are practically no pictures! Or people!

Didn't' you have something you wanted to tell me?

Oh! Yes! You couldn't imagine what just happened to me!

Really. Try me.

You know, you could try to sound a bit more enthusiastic.

You can't hear the excitement bursting out of my voice?

And the sarcasm isn't very nice, either. Boys don't like sarcasm too much. Maybe more people would like you if you didn't do it all the time.

All right. Give me back my magazine, Lucy. You're just wasting my time.

No! Wait! I haven't told you yet!

So get on with it, Luce. Please.

Okay, okay! Geez, you really know how to kill a person's mood, you know that?

I'm waiting…

Fine! Listen. You know Aiden Nikitus, right? The really cute, available senior that every girl – well, not you, of course – but every other girl absolutely adores?

The one who has a last name sounding like a disease? Everyone knows him.

See? Like that. You're the only person I know who would bring up his last name like that.

I'm a little different. You should know that after fifteen years of being my sister.

Whatever. So Aiden – the most talked about guy in school – came up to me today, and – oh, you couldn't imagine it! It was so wonderful! He – he –

Stop hyperventilating, Lucy. You won't be able to tell me all about your life-changing conversation with the grey-eyed Aiden.

Maggie! I'm not hyperventilating. Anyways, he came up to me at the end of school and said – wait, how did you know his eyes are grey?

Wow, that's what he said to you? His social skills are worse than I thought.

It's not funny, Maggie! But he – oh my gosh, Mags, he asked me to go to the movies tonight!

You're not going. You've got school tomorrow.

Oh, come on, Maggie, don't you think you could get Mom to say yes just this once? I mean, Aiden Nikitus! I may never get a chance like this again! No offense, but after you, guys tend to think I'm also stuck-up and snobbish and don't really like doing anything…

Thanks, Lucy. Thanks a lot.

No! I mean, oh, come on, Maggie, you know I love you, but it's true! And this time – it's Aiden!

Yeah, I heard you the first time. But it's still no. Anyways, Lucy, you don't even know him.

I bet I know him better than you! I doubt you ever talk to him. And you have classes together! Girls would kill to get to sit near him like you do, Maggie, and you probably never take advantage of it!

Yeah, I only talk at the wrong time, right, Lucy?

What? I don't – Where are you going? Wait, Maggie, come back down! You don't have to go up to your room, I didn't mean it like that! Stop, Mags! Wait!

Go away, Lucy, I'm not in the mood to talk to you now!

Maggie, I'm sorry, okay? Can you let me in?


Why not? I'm really sorry, Maggie, honest I am…Maggie?

Just go away and leave me alone! Please!

Oh, my god, Maggie, you aren't crying, are you? Did I make you cry? I've never seen you cry over anything! Oh, Mags, please let me in. I'll make it up to you, I swear.

No, you can't!

What do you mean?

I mean you can't!

But – but, I don't understand…

It means that just because I don't show them doesn't mean I don't have feelings, okay? For god's sake, Lucy! What, you didn't think I ever felt anything?

I – but, Mags, I –

I like him, okay? I like him. But that – it doesn't even really matter that much! I mean, you couldn't even tell that I've liked him. And then you stand there and tell me how there's something wrong with me, and how I couldn't imagine anything that happens to you, and you're my sister! You're supposed to at least, I don't know, at least pretend to care! Or at least don't shove my issues in my face!

Oh, Maggie, I – I didn't…

God, don't stand there gaping. I opened the door, okay? Are you happy now? Go out, for all I care. It's not like it would make a difference to me. Or to you.

Yeah, it would.

What? Don't say anything if you're just going to mumble about me under your breath, Lucy. Did you even bother to listen to what I've been –

I said, yeah, it would.

Yeah, it would what?

It would make a difference to me, Maggie! You're so dense sometimes! It does matter how you feel! Why didn't you ever tell me?

Why didn't you ever ask?

Stop being so defensive! Did you ever think that maybe I don't talk to you about you because you always close up and get hard to talk to? It's impossible to discuss anything you don't want to talk about because you shut yourself off!

I'm sorry I'm not perfect like you, Lucy, but this is just the way I am. And it's not easy having you as my little sister, either.

Well, I try.


What, Mom?

There's a boy on the phone for Lucy, honey. He says his name is Aiden. Do you want to talk to him?