Sticky, sweaty, she's sliding into strength.

Funny how, she only conquers after she's been killed.

She's searching for thrill,

for another hit to fly,

she's searching for lust,

for another twist to the sky.



Slow, small, she's strung out in salvation.

Well, she only prays when she's been forced to her knees.

She's searching for safe,

for another locked box,

she's searching for time,

another ticking clock.



Redemption's another ticket punched at five o'clock

and she's a naughty girl (leaving three minutes early).



Scrawny, stale, she's slipping out of surety.

She thinks God's watching her so she screams.

She's searching for purity,

a grave dug for sin,

she's searching for freedom,

a life again.