"Through Glass"

Car horns echoed between the surrounding hotels. Although the buildings of Las Vegas glowed with lights that never die, the air around him was dark. A light breeze caught his hair and blew it back. As the loud noises of the busy city below continued to move through the air, they seemed to avoid his own ears.

"The world is quiet here," he thought to himself.

Eight floors up from the ground level, he stood on the outside of his hotel room window. The world below seemed small. A haze over his eyes, he turned to look at the window. There she was. Crying. Screaming. He couldn't hear her.

"She is so beautiful," he said to himself, "why must she suffer?"

Inside the hotel room, an empty Jack Daniels bottle lay on it's side on the floor beneath the window. His depression, sparked many years ago, had only been fueled by the whiskey and vodka he had accumulated over time. He blamed himself for everything. He blamed himself for her pain.

Standing on the edge of the windowsill, time no longer existed. To him, the watch around his wrist no longer ticked. All he did was use it as a way to cover up the scars. He unbuckled the band and dropped the watch down to the streets.

"Time…" he sighed.

Eternity. It felt like eternity to him. Eternity felt like home. When you're a prisoner inside of your own mind, sometimes eternity feels like home.

In his drunken mind, he could see shadows gathering on the road below. He saw it as the demons of Hell coming to embrace his tortured soul, and escort him to his punishment for bringing devastation upon those who cared about him.

As the wind picked up he could hear whispers. He could hear his own broken voice emerge from the whistles of the wind.

At that moment, he no longer saw the moon or clouds. All he could see was her face. The face he damaged by leaving her here alone. He no longer heard the whispers of the dark. All he could hear was her cries. He no longer felt as though he was on the verge of ending her pain. He could feel her heartache. His eyes began to burn. He could feel his own tears falling down his face.

In his mind he stood up. It was no longer dark. It was no longer cold. He walked away from the darkness. He left his shadow behind.

His eyelids got heavy. He began to fall backwards. His body crashed into the window. The glass shattered as he fell through. Everything went dark for him.

Light cracked through his eyelids as he opened them. His body was sore. Her eyes, that's all he could see. She had her arms around him.

"The stars," he said, "the stars told me to."

"They lied," she said behind tears, "the stars lied."

"I…I…I'm sorry."

"Don't be."

He opened his eyes more. The window was solid.

"It's…it's different," he said.

"No," she said, "it's just different from what you've seen."

"But…I remember…"

"There's a difference between what you saw, and what you remember."

He closed his eyes. He heard his own voice inside his head again. He heard the words that she had read, the words he had written down before he disappeared into himself.

I'm looking at you through the glass

Don't know how much time has passed

Oh God, it feels like forever

But no one ever tells you that forever feels like home

Sitting all alone inside your head…