Jefferson Hill's Royalty

Pink is the new Purple - Chapter 1

Hmmm. Perhaps you might wonder exactly what the title of this first chapter means. I'll tell you in one word.


High school royalty, that is. Of course, for centuries, purple has been the infamous color of the royals. Now, it's different in my high school. It just is. Purple is not a flattering color. At least, it isn't in my opinion. The popular girls at my school wear so much pink. Every shade. It's sickening.

Anyway, here at Jefferson Hills High School, it's way different. Your school may have the cliché cheerleaders, jocks, and nerds. I think that simpleness would get very boring before homeroom even started. So let me tell you about Jefferson Hill's students. You do have the clichés. It's inevitable, okay? But then there's also the people that are above the popular drama queens and the quarterback on the football team.

Cue the Bitches. They are the three elites of my high school. They're rich, famous, and they can get into the hottest clubs although they're underage. Everyone loves them, or loves to hate them. The girls and guys all swarm around them like flies to garbage just trying to get a piece of their luxurious lives.

I'll introduce them.

First, let's begin with Generosa. (Pronounced Jenna Rosa) Everyone adores Gen. She's got auburn colored hair and normal brown eyes. Sounds plain, but she's really beautiful. Gen's a really good friend at times, and she has excellent taste in fashion. She's has never had a boyfriend in her life. Surprising? Not really. She's afraid of commitment. She can't even have pets. Pathetic. Anyways, Gen is well known for her hookups with guys in LA, New York City, Miami, and even some small town in Mississippi. What a slut. Gen's been a Bitch for more than five years and shows no plans of leaving. Why would she? She's got it good right where she is.

Next is Deanna, or Dee as she's usually called. She and Gen had been friends since the second grade. Her hair, which was a chestnut brown currently, was the envy of many girls. Not as great as my hair, of course. Her eyes are sea green, a very pretty and unique color. Dee is a party animal. If you're throwing a party here in Jefferson Hills, expect Dee to show up. She always did, even if it was only for five minutes. Dee is a great friend. Her lawyer dad makes a lot of money, but he doesn't just let her throw it away on a brand new Benz or something. He's making her save it, and I don't know what for. Not able to just mooch off of those lovely greens. Whatever.

Last, and definitely not least, is Amber Rose; the most important person known to all existence. Well, maybe not but she likes to think so. Hey, she's entitled. Amber's like the Queen Bitch. Queen of Jefferson Hills, Queen of everything she claimed her's. She moved to Jefferson Hills from California in the seventh grade, which was five years ago. The first moment she stepped into Jefferson Hills Junior High, people knew things around there were going to change. She had a demanding presence. She was shunned by all of the popular girls because they were jealous of her. Even threatened by her. I don't blame them. She became friends with only two girls. Gen and Dee. The three of them almost instantly rose to the top of the social ladder when they began calling themselves the Bitches.

Her golden blonde hair, amber (Hence her name.) colored eyes, and curvaceous tan body caused boys to flock to her, yes. But what made her so attractive was her silky hard to please attitude. Amber always made sure she got what she wanted. Always. There was just something about her that made it irresistible to resist her. Such as the time she was caught parking in the handicap spots without using one of the blue ticket things. She went to court and explained herself that she wanted to park as close as she could to the mall so her hair wouldn't get wet in the rain. The judge turned out to be quite a softy and let her go free of charges. She'd said something about understanding what it's like to have a bad hair day. That's the effect Amber has on most people.

Amber's what everyone called a tease. That's because she dates a guy for a few days, a week, or maybe a month before breaking up with him. I don't mean sex either. Amber's still very much a virgin but she'll lie about it if you asked her. Between you and me, she wants to wait until she's married. But I do think it's safe to say she's got the longest dating history at Jefferson.

Just to let you in on a little secret. Amber is the anonymous writer of the Ask Beatrice advice giving column in the school newspaper. Loads of people send her emails everyday asking advice for the stupidest things. Shush, though. She wouldn't want anyone to find out. If the computer geeks found out she was giving them advice on how to invite a girl over to watch Star Wars Episode II, they'd flip.

Let's see... anything else really important you need to know about The Bitches? I really have to get going, here. I have a very important appointment to make. I'm going to be late for an all day spa treatment.

Okay... there's one more thing. God, don't think I didn't forget on purpose or something. Perhaps you're wondering how the hell do I know so much about Jefferson's favorite girls, right? Well, I think you figured it out that I am one.


Author's Note: I hope you will continue to read on (when I upload more chapters, obviously). This does have a plot and it will go somewhere, trust me. I don't think I'd like wasting my time writing about a bunch of high maintenance girls that lose a nail filer or get into catfights. (But I do assure you that there are a few coming up.)

So which Bitch do you think the narrator is? I think I'm gonna write like two more chapters written like the one above, then start first person. So you'll have to figure it out.

By the way, don't think I forgot about TTaaB. I'm going to start writing chapter four right now. We'll see how I do working on two stories at one time.

Til next time.