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My brother died a year ago and I want to show you something that I could see only after his death. The last thing he said to me as died, was that there are things beyond this world that will never be seen with human eyes, and the only ones who deserve to see it, are the ones who actually do. Allow me to ask you something: will you see what my brother saw if I showed you? Do you think your human eyes can envision the horrors my brother found on this earth?

Chapter One –Somewhere in the Distance

There was mist outside our window. I could see it gathering and floating across the fields as they passed by in flashes of colour. Outside the air was cold and crisp, but in the car everything was warm. My brother was sitting next to me gazing out the window as I had been for the last hour as well. My father was driving and my mother had finally put the road map away. It seems now we were all gazing out the window, fascinated by the mist.

"Sin," My mother said gently, leaning over her shoulder, "It's pretty out here, isn't it?"

I nodded truthfully. Though I was tired and still a bit dozy from waking up at 5 am, my eyes were wide and staring out at the hills in the distance. Never before had I seen such beautiful hills; their colours were a faded blue as they receded back into the distance. They reminded of the mountains.

My family and I had lived in the large city of Burgas, Bulgaria our whole life. Now we were going to live wherever the long, winding road beneath our car was taking us. I did not know exactly where that was at the time, but our luggage and furniture were in a big, white truck in front of us, so I knew my parents must have been serious.

"This will be fun, won't it?" My father asked, keeping an eye on the road, "I hear Kiten has a nice elementary school. Their high school seems great too, I think you'll really like it, Agape'." He turned to my brother.

Agape' switched his vacant stare to my father and smiled.

Twisting anxiously in my seat, I strained to see past the white truck ahead of us. It was too big to see around and I had the funny feeling my father had been blindly following it instead of the road. I turned to look out the back window; nothing but trees and open fields.

As I sat back down I noticed Agape' watching me curiously. "What?"

"What are you doing?"

"Looking to see where we are."

"We're here."

"Where?" I asked, looking out the window. An instant later, a wooden sign appeared from around the truck, welcoming us to the town of Kiten. It flew by before I could read anymore.

I looked back up at the truck, "How'd you know that?"

Agape' merely smiled and turned back to his window.

Small buildings began to pass by as we entered the town. They were growing larger in size, but none of them reached the height of the buildings in Burgas.

"What a lovely town," My mother commented with a smile, "I think this will be a great change for us, don't you think so?" She asked no one particular.

Agape and I nodded never the less, watching as flower shops and small specialty food stores passed by. I looked back at my brother.

Agape' has always fascinated me in ways that I cannot explain. He always seems to know what is going on, even when no one tells him. He always seems to understand things even when no one explains them to him. I know that because when I looked back at Agape', he wasn't really watching the shops pass by as the rest of us were. His eyes were focused on something else, something somewhere in the distance that only he could see.





I am back from the land of disfunctional computers! (does happy dance) I do not know why I am happy, this story causes my greif beyond anything I have ever expirences, but my brother deserves his story to be heard, as it will be soon enough.

(Just a note, his name is pronouced Uh-gah-pay not Uh-gape)

(Second note, yes, the poem Sage was writen about the same brother and the same event, thus the name similarity)

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