Scars Scar not only my skin, but my mind...

and not all of them were put there by me.

heres one, on my wrist, see it?

you did that. you pushed me for not being fast enough.

two are hidden beneath my shirt,

where you threatened me for not being good enough.

one on my mind is not literal... its just what you say

every time you see me. "you're feelings Dont Matter!"

oh, here's another, right above my eye.

you threw a shot glass and said I wasn't pretty enough.

which reminds me, theres another on my face, right on my cheek bone,

where you punched me so hard my glasses cut my face.

all of these are nothing like the ones that you cant see.

i have my secrets, my secrets and lies.

but the most predominent Scar is the one not even i can see...

this Scar is the one I'll always have- on my soul.