Lady Goes to College (And Falls in Love)

An original story written by supergal (formerly known as glamour and scandals)

Chapter One

It probably began in third grade, I guess. Or maybe it was first. My first grade teacher, Mrs. Houston, had noticed that I was unusually skilled in reading and had even given me Charlotte's Web, which I had devoured quickly. She had set up an appointment with my mother, but instead of being moved to a higher grade, it was decided that I would attend the private day school, Pamela Cresting Day.

Pamela Cresting Day was challenging and the curriculum there was beyond the expected level so for a while, I was going at the same pace as my PCD peers. However, I was taking on a seven-course load, as opposed to the normal five courses. Finally, in sophomore year, I had exhausted the curricula of nearly all my subjects, and so PCD organized a special circumstance meeting with my mother. They decided I would…

Attend university.

Oh God, but I never even went to PROM. How can you enter college without going to prom? That's a sin. Yes, it is definitely a sin. I never even got to spaz about getting my nails done to match my dress the night before graduation. Oh GOD, I don't even get to attend the graduation ceremony because I'll be a sophomore in COLLEGE.

You know what, this is like making me be old faster. And I mean, I know they tell you there's Botox, but I'm not standing for this injustice. I mean, they can't make me be older than I really am. Uh hello, I just got my period like five months ago.


Okay, I remember exactly the little speech my mother gave me when she made me apply for college:

'Darling, you are an exceptional case. There's no reason for you to stay at Pamela Cresting anymore. Trust me honey, you'll just be lazing around doing nothing there. You'll be getting a two year head start!'

And then it was off to glossy brochures and tour guides and interviews. Um, stressful much? Hello, I'm trying to deal with getting a boyfriend here. When you're popular by association since all your best friends are drop-dead gorgeous and have jock boyfriends and are varsity cheerleading squad captains and whatnot, you kind of have to have a boyfriend.

I don't blame them for not wanting to go out with the freak that's going to college early. If I were a guy at PCD, I wouldn't ask myself out either. But thankfully, my friends are actually supporting my going to college early. In fact, Lena Matthews, the most ditzy one of us (and I mean this in the most loving, friendliest way possible) hugged me and squealed and said that I should call her as soon as I found a hottie who had: amazing lacrosse skills, a six pack, GORGEOUS brown hair, and lovely green eyes. She even made me write the requirements down on a notebook and made me promise her that I would go around scouring the campus with my notebook for the perfect guy. Did I mention she already has a boyfriend (Trevor Charleston, point guard, hell rich) who adores and devours her every word? He practically gives her a Tiffany's necklace every time she picks up a pencil. Not that I'm jealous or anything, Lena's so lovable, she deserves it.

Ellie Hanna was the other one in our group, the untouchably cool, mysterious, exotic one. She was impatient, sarcastic, diva like, and in other words, a major huge bitch. But Lena and I know that she's a hopeless romantic, even more hopeless than I am.

"Earth to Lady," Ellie waved her hand in front of my face.

Um, please don't laugh. It really isn't my fault that Lady happens to be my name. And if you think of it, it's quite a cool name…Er, or not.

"Oh yeah, sorry about that. What?" I replied. I was swinging my hammock back and forth, and Ellie and Lena were both lounging in the chaise loungers.

"We have to get ready now. We're tanned enough." Lena started, and then got up from her chair, a glass of virgin strawberry daiquiri in her hand and Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses (courtesy of a Mr. Trevor Charleston) in the other.

"Come on," Ellie got up as well, following Lena.

Lena's parents were hosting a farewell party for me, and the three of us had made plans to tan by Lena's poolside and then to get ready together in her huge room before emerging to the lawn to party. Knowing the type of person Lena's mother was, I knew the party would be lavish, themed, and expensive. Not disappointing me, the invitations had said Egyptian Mysteries on it. I could already see the waiters getting ready as I walked into Lena's house. It was no secret Lena was affluent—her father was some crazy successful lawyer.

At exactly 7:08 PM, the party was in full swing and we emerged into the lawn, where a throng of people were already dancing or simply hanging out, drinking champagne, wine, and virgin drinks. The three of us had opted for a Cleopatra kind of look, with the heavy eye makeup and skintight dresses. I had the gold one, Lena the wine red one, and Ellie a midnight blue.

The sky was still light, pinks and reds mixed in with the slightly gray blue. Then, the music was turned down low and somebody began tapping his or her spoon against the champagne flute. It was Mrs. Matthews, all smiling and hostess-y in her slightly age inappropriate dress. "Thank you all of you for attending this party. As you all know, this is a farewell party for Lady Freed, my daughter's best friend, who is going to embark onto college instead of going back to Pamela Cresting Day School for junior year. This is an amazing accomplishment, and I am extremely proud of Lady for being such an exceptional student. I know I speak for everyone when I wish her the best of luck at Lawrence University."

A round of cheers and whoops ensued and I blushed.

"So please, enjoy this party."

The music resumed and everyone grabbed some more finger delights and more booze and…

A/N: Hey guys! I originally had a chapter one on here, but I took a complete new stance and I wrote a new chapter one. I hope you guys like it! Oh and just so you know, my chapters will usually be longer than this.