Lady Goes to College (And Falls in Love)

An original story written by glamour and scandals

Chapter Two

September 7th

Welcome New & Old Students to Registration!

Registration will include

Getting your ID photo taken

Getting your schedule

Getting your computer equipment set up by the ITS workers

And please feel free to receive assistance from any of our admission officers.

Registration was held on Sunday, the day before classes started. It was held in the dining hall, a huge red brick building where portraits and lists of famous graduates adorned the wooden walls. Circular tables were set all around the dining room, circling the infamous Fireplace.

According to Lawrence tradition, graduating seniors would gather around the Fireplace and throw pieces of paper with their names written on it into the fires. It's a symbolic thing—you're forever 'part of' the Lawrence life (the fire).

Uhhhhh okay.

I made my way to the first circular table, labeled 'Schedules for A-F'. An Asian woman stood there, collecting folders and neatly stacking them in a pile. Students were already looming around.

"Please line up alphabetically, since the folders are arranged in that way," An amazingly high voice erupted from the woman's mouth and the students obeyed.

"Is this your first time here?" A deep voice asked from behind me.

Oh shit. I would be making a call to Lena much, much sooner than I thought. He was wearing a loose white Nike shirt, Timberland jeans, and Nike Shox. He held out his right hand. "Hey, my name's Zach Freski."

"H-hey, my name's Lady." I stuttered, forgetting to take his hand until the last minute.

He cocked an eyebrow so skillfully I immediately considered it an art. "Lady? That's a pretty interesting name."

"Uh, um, yeah." I forcefully created a smile. "I..Uh…"

"Can you move?" A rude voice sounded from the back of the line, and I obeyed, thanking God that I didn't have to carry a conversation. Remembering I had on three-inch heels, I carefully tottered to the front of the line—

Okay, um, OUCH. That kind of hurt. I really hope this isn't actually happening to me. Maybe if I pinch my arm…

OW. God, I'm a hard pincher. Maybe if I close my eyes and stop moving my chest so much when I breathe, people will think I'm under cardiac arrest and then they'll take me to the ER. Once they take me to the ER, this entire incident will be forgotten, and I'll automatically receive the sympathy of the entire…

Okay, I hear snickering. Shit, it's from Zach. Now, how is he going to want to go out with a friend of a girl who falls flat down on her face with ….

OH MY GOD. My bag spilled open and my tampons are scattered all over the damned floor. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. I need to collect them now; I mean maybe no one's seen them yet…

"Hey, you all right?" Zach asked, giving me a hand. I ignored him, trying to pick up all my scattered tampons and shoving them in my bag. God, I should just go curl up and die now. I really, really should. I finally took his hand and hoist myself up.

"You should watch out with those heels. I hear they take quite a lot of practice to manage." He smiled. Oh, maybe he hasn't noticed my spilling feminine hygiene products all across the floor…

"So, is that what's 'in' for high schoolers?" A bloodcurdlingly spiteful voice asked. It belonged to the most exotic looking girl I've ever seen in my life, and she naturally slid her slender, tanned arm around Zach's waist. "Throwing tampons across the floor and trying to wear high heels?" I could tell her voice was slightly accented. Okay, thanks to that whore, Lena's chance is completely thrown down the drain.

Her Angelina Jolie lips pressed into a smile and offered me her hand. "You're the new kid from PCD, right? I'm Cristina Gonzalez."

"Oh, uh, yeah." I took her hand and shook it, but her attention was barely focused on me.

"Come on baby, let's go. It's too crowded right now." Cristina flashed a smile in my direction and then walked off, her arm still around Zach.

I am so suing Tampax.


I had gone into the dormitory with my mother earlier that day but it was mostly deserted, save a few girls here and there who were sprawled all over the common room couches. This time, the common room was extremely crowded. I had to practically make out with the wall to get past to the staircase.

When I entered my room, a tall, Hispanic girl had emptied her make up bag into one of the beds and was brushing her long, unruly hair. She was dressed in a tight white tank top and blue boy shorts and she was surprised when she saw me there. "Hey," She came over to the doorway. "My name's Nadine."

"Hi, I'm Lady Freed." I smiled before walking to my side of the room where two Louis Vuitton suitcases were. My mother must have put them in the room while I was in registration. Although I could feel her staring at me, I sat down on the wooden desk chair and open up the suitcase, where polos and skirts were neatly folded in.

"So, um, where's your sister?" She asked, sitting down on her chair. She was rubbing some kind of cream onto her hands.

"My sister…?" I asked, confused. Then I realize: she must've thought I had a sister who was rooming with her, since I wasn't old enough to be at college yet. I set down the yellow Hollister polo I was holding onto my lap. "I actually… I'm the one going to college. I don't have any sisters. I'm actually 15, but I was accepted as a freshman this spring."

"Oh!" Her hands flew to her mouth. "Oh gosh, I am so sorry. Well…wow, that's so interesting." She said jokingly. "I'm a freshman too, but I have a sister who's a sophomore right now. Cristina, did you see her around?"

Cristina? As in the girl who teased me about my tampons Cristina? That slut was Nadine's sister? "Yeah, I saw her around in Registration, today."

"Don't mind her. She is a complete whore and everyone knows it at this school. God, it's so embarrassing." Nadine blushed as she got up and sprayed on a Victoria's Secret Garden body mist.

"So…er, what are you dressing up for?" I asked, not sure why she was doing all these things.

"Don't tell me you don't know! The First Dinner?" Nadine said, screwing the cap back on to the bottle.

"The First Dinner…?" If this was some important thing, I am really, really screwed, since I did not bring anything formal.

"The First Dinner is a huge tradition at Lawrence: the first dinner of the year is a very formal suit-and-tie, evening gown affair." Nadine explained as she walked over to her wardrobe, where all her clothes were already neatly organized. I could see piles and piles of jeans, boots, t-shirts…

"You're kidding! I don't have any evening gowns." I buried my face into my hands. Hey everyone, I'm the idiot who didn't manage to read about our school traditions. Oh! And my hobbies including showing off tampons to one of the hottest guys in our school.

"Well, you're skinnier than me, but I think you can fit into this one. It'll fit you because it's designed to be a tight-fitting dress. One second." Nadine rummaged around in her closet and then muttered an 'aha' before turning around. "Wow, I think this will look gorgeous on you."

Okay, it may look good on Nadine, who has those 'Latina' curves, but what about me? I am completely flat. I am completely late bloomer. At least, that's what I hope. I am seriously going to hurt somebody if I die as an A-cup wearer. She was holding an unbelievably beautiful satiny emerald halter dress in which the material criss-crossed in the torso. The dress then continued to an A-line, until it stopped around the knee.

"Um…" I nervously chuckled. "I… uh…."

"What?" Nadine asked, her eyes wide.

"I'm…uh…I'mtooflattowearthatkindofadress." I stammered.

Nadine threw her head back and laughed, but good-naturedly. "Oh, please. You are so not flat. But don't worry, I'll do your make up so good they won't even be looking there."


"Welcome students to another school year at Lawrence University. As part of the Lawrence University, you are recognized as talented and unique individuals. Our mission here is to help you find out who you are…"

Oh, my God. Really, screw this. I didn't know they arranged the tables by alphabet. Why is this place so obsessed with them, anyway? Yup, you guessed it.

Zach FRESKI is sitting with Lady FREED. Oh, God. He's been throwing a smirk in my direction every few seconds, maybe hoping for another female hygiene products advertisement show.

The other people at my table consisted of a boy in a polyester suit who was too busy sticking a pinky up his nostril to notice anything, a short girl who was busy leaning over the table to gaze into Zach's eyes, and another boy that was staring directly at our aged headmaster, also oblivious to his surroundings.

Oh boy, this is going to be a long night. Nadine did a wonderful job with the small makeover. Her aunt was apparently the ex-cosmetics stylist of a posh English celebrity or somebody, and she had gotten tons of tips from her. Now, I didn't look like a five-year-old at a strip show. Okay, that was unnecessary. What I mean is, now I don't look so out of place at LU.

"…Again, welcome to another year at Lawrence University. Without any further ado, dig in!"

All of a sudden, the same Asian woman I had seen at the Registration sat in the empty chair between Zach and I, which had been labeled 'Ms. Susannah Lin.' I have to admit, she was one of the prettiest teachers I had ever seen. Her long black hair was tied into a tight bun at the back of her head and she looked stunning in a Chinese styled, black-cuffed red dress whose slits opened up to a suggestive, but not an inappropriate length. Of course being a possessor of the X chromosome, Zach's eyes were immediately drawn there.

I mean, I'm not saying all guys are horny, Playboy-watching freaks, but Pamela Cresting Day's brother school, St. Patrick's School was filled with immature boys who put on aftershave even if they had no stubble to brag of and whistled at the PCD girls to no end. Did I mention that we did not have a dress code in PCD?

"Hello everyone, my name is Ms. Lin and I teach AP Chinese and coach Varsity Boy's Tennis. As your faculty advisor for your lower classmen years, I am the person to go to whenever you need help on Chinese homework or need some practice with backhand and forehand serves." She smiled. "I'm also the person to go to if you have any personal troubles at all, and we'll be meeting in this group for the rest of the year. So, why don't we take this time to introduce ourselves? Starting with you, do you mind?" She asked me.

"Oh, no I don't. Well… my name is Lady Freed, I'm fifteen years old and I'm a freshman. Before this, I went to Pamela Cresting Day School." I said.

"Hm, so you're the girl?" The emotionless boy suddenly sparked to life, gazing at me intently.

"Um…what girl?" I asked.

"The fifteen-year-old geek who was just too smart for her little upper class day school so she had to beg her mummy to come to the most prestigious university." He snarled with spite.

To my shock, Ms. Lin did nothing to stop the jerk. Instead, she looked curious. "Why would you think that, Carter?" She asked, taking a sip of her Evian.

Wait wait waiiiiiiiiiit. I have somebody hating on me before I even get here? What the heck? His eyes tested me, checking for my reaction. I fought to keep my facial expression clear, although I would've loved to chuck one of Nadine's heels up his ass. Sideways, I'm terribly afraid.

His upper lip curled snidely. "It's obvious, isn't it? Lady dearest, here, has begged her mummy to donate a couple grand—"

"That's enough." Zach said quietly. "Why do you need to get on everyone's case, Carter? She's talented, and it was her that got herself in here, not money."

"That coming from one of the richest heirs in the school." Carter cocked his head and made exaggerated thoughtful motions by tapping his finger to his chin. "Maybe because your papa—"

"If you want to take this outside, we can."

Ms. Lin finally butted in. "Boys, stop please. Any more of this, and I'll send notices to your homes instantly. I cannot believe that you are still acting like high school boys, when you are actually sophomores in college."

The introducing started again, but after that, the table was extremely quiet, until Zach excused himself. After that, everyone slowly began leaving until it was just Ms. Lin and I.

"Lady, I'm not sure how the students are going to treat you, being the youngest in the entire school, but I want you to know that I'm here for you. I have to go pick up my daughter from her ballet lesson now. See you around, Lady." Ms. Lin smiled and then put her napkin down on her seat and left.

Why had Carter gotten the notion that I had only gotten in because of money? Why did Zach defend me? Why did he get sensitive on the topic about parents? Why did he…

Oh, my God, people. Can I just grow to a B cup and get a freakin' degree? Is that too much to ask for at LU?

Apparently, my answer was yes.

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